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5 places to take the kids this summer

The summer holidays are fast approaching and parents all over the land are wondering what they can do to keep their kids entertained. Luckily, we have come up with some exciting family days out that won’t break the bank. Whether your children are in to history, exhilarating rides or learning there is something for everyone. Check out our picks below: (more…)

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World’s biggest underground zipline opens in Wales

The Llechwedd slate cavers are an attraction in themselves, but visitors are likely to come flocking to tem now that a series of lines take participants on an aerial adventure through five caverns, some of the caves are huge enough to take 75 double decker buses comfortably, if they could be got into them of course.

Soaring pound means a cheaper half term break for families


The pound is strengthening against most other currencies which is good news for the holidaymaker, particularly families planning a trip abroad for the forthcoming half term break. The result of the increase in the strength of the pound means that for a family going to Spain this half term, they could save a considerable amount against the same holiday last year at this time, with Sterling having gained 14 per cent against the Euro. At present the Euro is trading at around €1.38 which is up on the earlier price of €1.28 at the beginning of the year.

Britons warned to be prepared if travelling to Greece

Greek Flag

We imagine that it will not have escaped anyone’s attention that Greece has some serious financial problems at the moment, experts are also warning that the country’s economic crisis is deepening. According to a statement issued by the Greek finance minister this week, he claimed that Greece is only two weeks away from becoming totally bankrupt.

Top five beaches to visit in Crete

Elafonisi Beach

Crete is a truly beautiful island, to many it is the best of all the Greek Islands and here you can still see the remnants of brilliant civilizations, impressive mountains, fertile valleys which have supplied much of the produce that is part of the gastronomic culture of Crete.

iPad app failure temporarily grounds 50 American Airline flights

pilot tablet

It was all done to save fuel apparently when flight manuals, which had always been printed out on paper and in the case of American Airlines ran to over 3,000 pages, were changed to virtual and according to the airline saved the company 400,000 gallons of fuel annually due to the decreased weight.


Big increase in prepaid cards reported as holidaymakers cash in on weak Euro

Operators of prepaid travel money cards are reporting a surge in sales of travel money cards, with holidaymakers loading up with Euros now that the euro to sterling exchange is so favourable, often many months ahead of travelling. Operators of these prepaid cards are reporting that an increase as high as 91% year has been seen on sales of cards, according to PIF (Prepaid International Forum), a trade body that represents companies that supply prepaid products and services.

Ryanair to slash fares by up to 15% over the next two years


Michael O’Leary boss of budget carrier Ryanair has announced that he intends to slash air fares by up to 15% over the next two years. He said in a French newspaper that Ryanair’s average fare next year could be as low as €40 claiming that the main reasons for this was the lower fuel costs, he went further claiming that most European airlines have a much higher price for short haul flights quoting €170.

Family car travel tips


We feel sure that anyone who has travelled with a family by car on a long trip can tell some tales. Many would be hilarious; other no doubt would describe the stresses and strains of children just becoming fretful after a few miles. Who has not heard the plaintiff cries from the rear seat of “are we there yet dad?” A good way around this, if the kids are old enough is to let them have a map and see the places they are passing through.

Firefighters board Delta aircraft after smoky odour detected during landing


It can be imagined that any passengers that were on an aircraft and saw a group of firefighters in full protective suits board the ‘plane it would give them some anxious moments. That was what happened when a Delta flight landed at New York’s La Guardia airport and flight crew reported that there was an odour of smoke in the cockpit and advised cabin crew their intentions. The flight deck immediately shut down the engines and notified the fire department. (more…)

Boeing offering more hand luggage space on new generation 737’s

Boeing Main

We feel sure that many of us have been frustrated when flying with hand luggage only on one of the budget airlines, which charges for checked bags, only to find that there is no room in the overhead locker to stow your bag. This can be particularly frustrating if you are flying with one of the airlines which have a strict regime on front door only boarding when allocated seats at the rear of the aircraft are loaded first. This can be more than annoying if you have paid extra for one of the legroom front seats and are boarded last to find there is nowhere to put your bag, often this is put into the hold, albeit at no charge and then have to wait at destination for the bag to come onto the carousel. (more…)

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