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Travelling with babies and young children

So you have a taste for travel. First it’s backpacking and somehow getting by on the bare essentials, sleeping here and there. Then as you find you have a little more money, perhaps your travel becomes a little more comfortable.

Then along comes junior – now what do you do?

Many people give up their passion for years, but with planning, a lot of planning, having a new born shouldn’t stop you enjoying your adventures, but I must warn you – travelling with a tot is not for the faint hearted!

Of all the modes of transport, flying has to be the most stressful with a young child. It can seem like everything has been designed to move your life from its current state of highly challenging to something a whole lot closer to impossible. (more…)

A Place in the Sun and a Profit to be Made

Couple Floating in Pool

Living the dream, owning your own holiday home, you can jet off to warmer climes when you want or you can use it as a lucrative business netting you profit. This is what many believe when they purchase property abroad. After all everyone needs somewhere to go on holiday so why not your property.

The Best of Le Tour Yorkshire

Le Tour Yorkshire 1

Wow! What an experience Le Tour has been for Yorkshire.

Nearly two hundred men in lycra, zipping along faster than a Morris Minor, with bodies honed to perfection, wearing bright colours and speaking a multitude of languages. Le Tour is a very different event to the stadia based championships of football and tennis that it competes with for viewers. And this year it started oop north. (more…)

Terror in Our Skies? Airport Security Changes

Recent airport security changes mean you can’t fly to the US if your mobile phone battery is dead

Fear of new bomb developments by al-Qaeda has caused the US to up its airport security, which means those travelling to the US will be stopped at airport security if their mobile phone or other electrical items are uncharged, unable to board planes bound for the United States.

iphone data roaming

Watch out for mobile data roaming charges while abroad

We’ve all known for years the problem of using mobile phones while travelling abroad – the homecoming only to find huge bills awaiting you on the doormat. But with the use of smartphones now at an all-time high, the costs of using phones on roaming mode in a different country have soared.

Cost Main Reason Why Travellers only Take Hand Luggage


Extra charges have caught many of us out in the past when it comes to flying, even the savviest traveller like myself has found themselves facing extra costs when booking flights that they didn’t realise until the end. Even worse for some it’s not until you get to the airport that you realise that it’s going to cost you extra just to get your clothes to the airport.

Europe’s Best Campsites


Last month we picked out a few great sites across the UK, but just over (or under) the water there is the whole expanse of Europe to choose from.

Europe is vast, but camping offers a great way to explore on a sensible budget, giving you a good chance of meeting new people along the way. If you’re travelling with children you can be sure that they’ll be off making friends before you have even considered who your neighbours might be.

Get Yourself Festival Ready


So the sun is out, rain is forecast and the festival season is upon us. With Glastonbury starting today we thought we would share our fun and informative Summer Festival ‘Virgins’ Survival Guide. It’s perfect for those who have not yet lost their festival virginity and for those who have suffered lapses in memory after last year’s mad festivals as a refresher.

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