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China Eastern

Impatient passenger opens China Eastern plane door deploying the emergency slide and causing a two hour delay

For those of us that have sat in the over wing seats in an aircraft, or near an emergency exit, we will have been instructed how to open the door in case of an emergency, when we have to exit either down the inflatable slide, or on the wing itself.

Well it seems that an impatient passenger on a China Eastern flight was in a hurry to get off the aircraft, for whatever reason and he opened the emergency door causing the inflatable slide to operate. Now we can imagine the delight of the airline that had to not only replace the door and slide at a cost of around £10,000, but the aircraft was out of service for two hours. (more…)

Sharm el Sheikh

No travel restrictions to Sharm el Sheikh

Although the British and Canadian embassies were closed on Wednesday, reported to be because of security fear, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice to tourists’ remains, as it has been for some time, unchanged.

Lack of snow in the Alps is no reason to panic


France in particular has seen little snow at its major ski resorts and below 2,000 metres the runs are still green. The three valleys resorts of Courchevel, Méribel and Les Menuires have postponed their opening due to the lack of snow and the World Cup race which was due in Courcheval this weekend has been cancelled.

Ryanair flight delayed for 51 hours


Most people fall into one of two categories when it comes to airline Ryanair, you either love it or hate it and for a group of about 400 people delayed for 51 hours in Lanzarote, we imagine they now fall into the latter category.

Tower Bridge glass walkway smashed by beer bottle

Tower Bridge Glass Walkway

The latest London attraction had only been open for matter of a couple of weeks when the £1 million glass walkway that joins the north and south towers of the Tower of London bridge was shattered by a beer bottle being dropped onto it. Now you may query why a beer bottle was being carried across the bridge or why it was allowed onto it, but the bottle caused a crack to appear and a woman in stiletto heels caused the glass to completely shatter.

Is this the end of the Austrian ski holiday?

Austria Ski

About half a million British skiers enjoy the slopes of Austria each year, famed for enjoyable skiing as well as the very tradition après ski. Sadly this could be coming to an end as Austria has decided to implement a law that ensures all employees must be paid a minimum wage of approximately 1,000 Euros a month, which relates to about £800.

Ski hosting hits Italy now


The French Ski resorts have made ski hosting illegal since last year and now it looks as though Italy is about to follow the French example. Problems arose in France when tour operators’ used their own employees to take small groups of good skiers, red run competent at least, on a guided trip around marked and groomed pistes. Company rules forbid them to go off piste or onto black runs.

Catalonia comes top as the best destination to buy a holiday home


Looking for a destination to buy your holiday home in? Well the hard work has been done for you by the clever guys and girls at Schofields Ltd. An infographic, commissioned by the holiday home insurance provider shows that the best place to buy a holiday home in the world is Catalonia. With a bustling tourism sector, high rental yields and low property prices, a holiday home in the Catalan region could earn up to 18.59% return on investment per year.

Mickey Mouse gets a bailout in Europe

Euro Disney

Euro Disney on the outskirts of Paris has seen a steady decline in visitor numbers since its peak years following the opening in 1992. The news is that it is having to get a lifeline hand out from owner Walt Disney Company so that it can service its rising debts and decline in visitor numbers.

Thomson Airways threaten strike action over Christmas

Thomson Airways

If you have booked with Thomson for a Christmas break, you may have to endure delays or possible cancellation if the ballot planned to take place between November 19th and December 10th results in strike action by crew controllers and their assistants, who organise staff rotas and cover.

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