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Our top five European City breaks for 2015

With so much culture just on our doorstep in Europe and with travel to the continent becoming almost as easy as commuting to work, a whole new world is waiting a few short hours away. Picking just five from the many proved to be a difficult task, but here are our suggestions for a city break this year. (more…)

Taj Mahal

New Indian visa rules require British tourists to provide fingerprints

Tour operators in this country are concerned that India has tightened up rules governing the granting if a visa to visit the country, British visitors will now have to give fingerprints at one of 14 centres around the country. To many this has come as a complete surprise as India had simplified its visa process for tourists from other countries, which included Australia, Germany, Finland, Japan and New Zealand, they are allowed to get a visa on arrival.

Patrol car is hit by a plane at King Abdulaziz International Airport

King Abdulaziz International Airport

Aeroplanes and cars do not mix and should be kept as far apart as possible, this has been clearly demonstrated when a car was left crushed just recently, following a collision on the runway at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as the aircraft was taxiing to the hangar for routine maintenance.

Five British museums to visit with the kids


There is one thing that we in the UK can be rightly proud of and that is we have some of the very best museums in the world. With half term upon us and the Easter and summer breaks not all that far away, a museum is a great place to entertain kids at these times, whether your kids are into trains, football, art or history, there will be a museum suitable, many with interactive exhibits. (more…)

Expedia set to buy Orbitz in $1.3 billion deal


Online booking for hotel rooms and airline tickets is now the way that most people arrange stays or make travel arrangements. There are a number of online booking sites, but now most of these come under the ownership three names, but since last Thursday this is now just two. In a wave of recent deals, some familiar names have come under two corporate umbrellas: Expedia and Priceline.

plane wing

Five top travel destinations for 2015

Trying to pick just five top places to see during 2015 is nearly an impossible task with so many must see destinations. However, we are putting forward our five choices, two long hauls and three European.

Bomb scare at Gibraltar Airport leads to delays

Gibraltar Airport

Police were called into Gibraltar Airport yesterday to deal with ‘suspect package’ which was also accompanied by a strange smell, and ordered the evacuation of the 156 passengers of the EasyJet plane which was bound for the UK. They also instructed that Gibraltar Airport was evacuated as well as the businesses surrounding the airport. The Easy Jet flight was bound for London Gatwick when the alarm was raised, it is thought by luggage handlers, when the captain asked for assistance. (more…)

Unforgettably romantic UK breaks

romantic main

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, what could be more romantic than choosing a break in one of the UK’s romantic places and there are plenty of those from which to choose. Whether it is a quaint country village, one of the many historic attractions, or the hills and walking trails which abound.

Met Office issues arctic weather warning as even more snow is expected this week

UK snow

If you thought that we had managed to get through winter comfortably as January passed, never forget what February can bring! The month of February has traditionally brought some pretty bad weather and we have, in the past, seen heavy snow falls and traffic chaos, and from the current forecast it looks as though we shall see some very low temperatures this month too. You may regret not picking up that winter coat in the January sales, because this week is going to see some very low temperatures.

How to make the most of the strong pound

pound euro

It is over eight years since we have seen the pound as strong against the Euro and it has improved steadily since the time when it was nearly one for one in 2009, so now is the time to take advantage and look for some bargain holidays.

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