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aircraft fuelling

Why is there no reduction in the airline fuel surcharge?

We have heard of one more airline that has decided to scrap the fuel surcharge following on from Malaysia’s AirAsia, Asia’s largest low-cost group, Philippine Airlines Inc and Cebu Air Inc also removed surcharges last month, while Taiwan’s China Airlines Ltd and Eva Airways Corp have cut surcharges by about 40 per cent over the past six months. This has now been followed by Australia’s Qantas. We have to ask, what about British airlines are they likely to follow suit. Qantas cut theirs possibly following on from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission saying that it would investigate airlines suspected of misleading consumers through fuel surcharges.  (more…)

Scotland’s ski slopes mobbed over the weekend

Glenshee Ski Resort

Following on from a huge dump of snow and freezing temperatures, conditions in the Scottish ski resorts were great and as a result some of the resorts were inundated with skiers, particularly Glencoe, where police had to be called as motorists had blocked the main A82 road between Fort William and Glasgow.

It really was purely platonic

Elizabeth Gallagher Jordan Axini

We read some time ago about the Canadian man that advertised for a girl with the name of Elizabeth Gallagher to go on a round the world trip with him, simply because he had broken up with his girlfriend, of the same name and the airline tickets were non-transferable.

Blue Monday is approaching – time to book your holiday!

Road Trip

It is referred to as “blue Monday” January 26th which is the day which it is said is the most miserable of the year! Well that surely has to be the day that we should get out those brochures, or get online and book ourselves a nice holiday for the summer months.


Oil price are falling so why are airfares not being reduced?

We have seen a dramatic fall in the price of oil in the last few weeks, but for those people who were hoping air fares would follow suit, they could be in for a long wait and a big disappointment.

The price of fuel for an aircraft is the biggest cost to an airline and it would appear to be logical that as oil prices fall so air fares should also drop, but in reality, airlines hedge the price by buying their fuel at a price agreed many months ahead. This of course protects them in a market where oil prices are rising, but if the price falls below the figure they have agreed, well it just tough luck, they still have to pay the hedged figure. (more…)

Back to work, let’s book a holiday!

holiday search

With the extended break over Christmas this year, it was back to work for many people of Monday the 5th January, or as it has been dubbed “miserable Monday”. So what do many people do when they get the opportunity at their desks over the lunch period, why book a holiday of course.

Great value travel destinations to consider in 2015


It’s nearly a new year and what better way to celebrate it than by booking a holiday to somewhere you haven’t been before. There are lots of great value travel destinations out there if you know where to look, and here are our favourite places to give you some inspiration: (more…)

Merry Christmas from Travel Campaigner!


Merry Christmas from all of us here at Travel Campaigner. It’s been a fun packed year with lots of travelling and reporting, and we’re all looking forward to the New Year.

Keep an eye out next week for our guide to great value travel destinations to consider in 2015. (more…)

Magaluf to re-invent itself


To many people it has come too late for popular resort Magaluf in Mallorca to try to shake off the image of being a boozy haunt for British holidaymakers, but that is what it is determined to do.

The resort is absolutely fed up with holidaymakers not confined to Britain, but other countries too that have earned the resort the nick name of “Shagaluf”. The people responsible for making laws are determined to ban pub crawls and drinking in the street claiming that it does absolutely nothing for the municipality. Pat of their plan is to fly in British police who will patrol the tourist strip of Punta Bellena, hoping to get rid, once and for all, its somewhat unsavoury image. (more…)

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