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British Airways

Hand baggage allowance on British Airways flights to be cut

British Airways has always been the most generous when it came to the number of bags that you could take on board, but now it seems that, although they are still going to allow passengers to take two bags into the cabin, the size of the extra bag is being cut down in size.

The main bag is to remain at 56x45x25cm, which is the same as budget carrier EasyJet, and bigger than Virgin Atlantic, Ryan Air and Lufthansa, but the second one, which is referred to as a “personal” bag, is being cut down in size from 45x36x20cm to the smaller size of 40x30x15cm. The reason behind the change is to save time when boarding, currently cabin crew are spending a lot of time rearranging bags in the overhead lockers to try to fit them all in, this is causing unnecessary delay. The smaller second bags means that passengers can stow this under the seat and will cut down on the time it takes to have everyone seated and ready for take-off. (more…)

AHEAD Aircraft

Nonstop flights from Europe to Australia could become a reality

Dutch airline KLM, working in conjunction with Delft University of Technology, have come up with an aircraft in concept which it is claimed will fly from Europe to the east coast of Australia non-stop, but you may have to wait until 2050 to see it. The engineers and scientists have come up with drawings which they claim could be a reality, all down to the stunning wing design and revolutionary engines which will power the aircraft. (more…)

Holiday firm offers family friendly holiday homes and apartments for young families

baby beach

Taking a baby or toddler on holiday can be very stressful for parents’ and the things that concern them the most are that their child won’t be able to sleep in a strange cot with a room that is too bright, or having to share the room with them. Flying with tiny children can also present problems with airlines constraint on luggage, constant flight delays and long queues, so what are the alternatives?

Brighton set to ban smoking on the beach

brighton beach

Life is becoming increasingly hard for the smoker in the UK and it is set to become worse if you travel to Brighton for a holiday or take a day trip to visit the beach there.

If Brighton and Hove council have their way smokers will not be allowed to light up on one of the UK’s most popular beaches and in their public parks, they could be the first city to do so under plans to be discussed today. If agreed, the 12-week consultation period will begin tomorrow. (more…)

Bitter feud over new runway intensifies as Heathrow and Gatwick report increased passenger numbers

Gatwick Airport

The Airports Commission came down firmly on the side of Heathrow for a new runway which Gatwick totally dismissed as being flawed and they have pointed to the fact that they had an increase in passenger numbers up five per cent from 2014. Heathrow also reported an increase in numbers which is up by 1.1 per cent and they also reported a new record for aircraft movements with 40,626 flights last month.

exit sign

The Foreign Office advises against travel to Tunisia as tourists head home

It is the news that many had been expecting since the terrible attacks on tourists on the beach at Sousse Tunisia in which 38 people, 30 of whom were British holiday makers, were gunned down by an Islamist on June 26th. The FCO advised against all but essential travel to Tunisia on Thursday, they went further by telling Britons to leave the country and warning that it was highly likely that there would be further attacks. (more…)

Chaos likely for thousands of holidaymakers if EasyJet strike goes ahead


EasyJet can rightly claim never to have had a strike in its history, but if Unite Union officer Kevin Hall does not get better than the inflation busting deal already offered by the company, his members’ will take strike action. It goes without saying that this will be timed for the peak holiday season when thousands of British families jet away for their two week in the sun!

Peace of mind on the beach with a waterproof ‘Swymbag’


It has always been an age old problem, what to do with your valuables if you want to go swimming when on the beach. However two entrepreneurs’ friends Emily Gayton and Kristina Oliver have come up with a solution if the form of a waterproof bag that can be worn whilst swimming which they have called the “Swymbag”.

Travel advice for tourists after terrorist shooting in Sousse


We have all read about the terrible shootings in Sousse Tunisia in which it is reported that many Britons were amongst the dead, 23 have been confirmed so far. So what is the current advice about those contemplating a holiday there, or for those already booked on to holidays in the country?

Should holidaymakers to Greece be worried about traveling to Greece?


The brinksmanship or to many the gamesmanship being shown at talks over Greek Debts and reforms has been dragging on for months with settlement seemingly no nearer. Unless settlement is agreed soon the chances of Greece exiting the Euro (Grexit) seem to be higher than ever. So if this were to happen how would this affect holidaymakers?

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