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Peace of mind on the beach with a waterproof ‘Swymbag’

It has always been an age old problem, what to do with your valuables if you want to go swimming when on the beach. However two entrepreneurs’ friends Emily Gayton and Kristina Oliver have come up with a solution if the form of a waterproof bag that can be worn whilst swimming which they have called the “Swymbag”.

Both of then were victims of theft and they came up with the idea which is being crowdfunded and it can be either a shoulder bag or a bum bag, made from neoprene the sort of synthetic that is used to make wetsuits it is designed to be comfortable on the skin. The bag has been tested at a depth of two metres for 30 minutes and everything inside was perfectly dry. The b ag is claimed to be the first of its kind and thanks to the patented unique locking system water cannot penetrate. (more…)


Travel advice for tourists after terrorist shooting in Sousse

We have all read about the terrible shootings in Sousse Tunisia in which it is reported that many Britons were amongst the dead, 23 have been confirmed so far. So what is the current advice about those contemplating a holiday there, or for those already booked on to holidays in the country?

Should holidaymakers to Greece be worried about traveling to Greece?


The brinksmanship or to many the gamesmanship being shown at talks over Greek Debts and reforms has been dragging on for months with settlement seemingly no nearer. Unless settlement is agreed soon the chances of Greece exiting the Euro (Grexit) seem to be higher than ever. So if this were to happen how would this affect holidaymakers?

Foods to avoid when abroad this summer

shutterstock_288401687 seafood pasta

We are not in any way suggesting that certain foods at our favourite holiday destinations are not safe, it is just that the locals can eat them happily, but they may have certain bacteria that’s unknown to our bodies. So we suggest that when you jet away, err on the side of caution and avoid certain foods.


Airlines say that scrapping airlines tax will boost the economy

The air passenger duty imposed by governments’ since 1994 has had a huge effect on just how much families pay to go on holiday or to visit relatives, when at that time short-haul passengers were forced to pay £5 per person, and long-haul passengers £10. Since then it has risen to £13 per person on short-haul flights (to countries whose capital city is fewer than 2,000 miles from London), an increase of 160 per cent, and to between £69 and £97 on long-haul services.

Rise of the ‘Staycation’ as one fifth of Britons plan to holiday at home


New research by UK based holiday company Blue Chip Holidays has found that one fifth of Britons are planning to holiday at home in 2015 instead of travelling abroad, even though the majority of respondents had never done it before. The main reasons that Brits are planning to holiday in the UK include saving money, wanting to explore the local area and lots to do around the house.

London is named world’s most popular travel destination


It will come as no surprise to many, particularly if they have tried to get accommodation at the last minute, but London is the most popular travel destination in the world, with 18.82 million overnight visitors. This is the fifth time in seven years that London has topped the list, but rather surprisingly New York has dropped out of the top five most visited cities, down to sixth place.

Interest in holidaying on Kos falls by over 50%


Could it be the news that migrants from the continent of Africa landing on Kos that has caused a drop in interest from British holiday makers? In the last two months over 6,000 have landed on the island arrived from war-torn countries including Syria and Afghanistan this year.

Brits are more likely to try new things when on holiday

extreme sports

It seems that going on holiday is the perfect excuse for us Brits to try something new according to the latest research from a well-known UK provider of gift experiences. The study, which polled over 1,000 UK adults found that 51% admitted that a holiday is the perfect chance to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. 49% said that they would be more likely to try new foods and local cuisines, while 37% said that they were more likely to travel further afield to visit local attractions and points of interest.

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