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airplane frustration

Drunk and obnoxious airplane passengers are considered the worst by travellers

We’re heading into the peak holiday season here in the UK, and for many it can be a stressful experience which can be made worst by other peoples actions. An online voucher code website has done some research to find out the most frustrating behaviours airplane passengers do and have created a hand aircraft etiquette infographic of what not to do.

Being crammed into a tight space for hours on end with people you haven’t chosen to spend your time with can be a stressful experience, so set out to find what behaviours airplane passengers find the most infuriating.

The study polled 1000 UK residents who had recently flown abroad, “When flying, which of the following passenger behaviours get on your nerves the most?” Participants were asked to choose from a list of 8 behaviours and could choose as many as they liked. The results are below: (more…)

Star Wars, Avatar and Toy Story themed expansions planned for Disney attractions


Exciting new plans have been revealed which will see attractions based on both Toy Story and Avatar being implemented at the Disney Florida and California theme parks. The plans were revealed at the D23 conference on Saturday, when it was suggested that visitors to the 11-acre Toy Story Land expansion will ‘think they’ve been shrunk to the size of Woody and Buzz, thanks to the oversized toys that will be built there.

Make sure that these ten things do not invalidate your insurance

holiday accident

One thing that has to be stressed is that it is important always to have insurance when travelling overseas. However there are some things that could invalidate your cover and result in any claim that you are making being rejected. We illustrate ten of these and they have been suggested by Gocompare as the most common that have caused a claim to be rejected by the insurer.


Five really enchanting gardens to visit this summer

It has to be said that few if any countries can boast as many superb gardens as here on Britain, The list is long, but we have chosen just five which we believe you will enjoy and we have not chosen the most famous, in this way you will not be troubled with hordes of people. (more…)

Southwest Airlines 737 aircraft tips over catering truck

plane crash

Passengers and crew on Southwest airlines flight SWA4309 were forced to abandon their flight to San Jose from Denver after the aircraft, which was being pushed back from the gate by ground crew hit a catering truck and tipped it over. The catering truck was parked and at a standstill and the driver climbed out of the overturned truck and was taken to the hospital for an evaluation with minor injuries.

Hand baggage allowance on British Airways flights to be cut

British Airways

British Airways has always been the most generous when it came to the number of bags that you could take on board, but now it seems that, although they are still going to allow passengers to take two bags into the cabin, the size of the extra bag is being cut down in size.

Nonstop flights from Europe to Australia could become a reality

AHEAD Aircraft

Dutch airline KLM, working in conjunction with Delft University of Technology, have come up with an aircraft in concept which it is claimed will fly from Europe to the east coast of Australia non-stop, but you may have to wait until 2050 to see it. The engineers and scientists have come up with drawings which they claim could be a reality, all down to the stunning wing design and revolutionary engines which will power the aircraft. (more…)

Holiday firm offers family friendly holiday homes and apartments for young families

baby beach

Taking a baby or toddler on holiday can be very stressful for parents’ and the things that concern them the most are that their child won’t be able to sleep in a strange cot with a room that is too bright, or having to share the room with them. Flying with tiny children can also present problems with airlines constraint on luggage, constant flight delays and long queues, so what are the alternatives?

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