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London Southend Airport

Smaller regional airports are better

Figures that have been put out by consumer champion magazine Which, have suggested that smaller airports score more favourably with the passengers when compared with the larger terminals. The experience of flying from small airports can be compared to getting into your car at your home in preference to queuing at the bus station for transport to your destination. Naturally a smaller operation that does not have huge numbers of passengers to contend with should have fewer problems deal with.

In the figures it has been suggested that London Southend came out on top of the survey with a high rating of 85% along with Doncaster/Sheffield which had the same score. Other small airports also got very high ratings and if compared to London’s other major terminals of Gatwick’s North Terminal, which had a score of 49% Heathrow terminal four, had a score of 48%, whilst Luton had a low rating of just 37%. Essex airport came out very well in pick-up and drop-off points, passport control and security queues, achieving a highly commendable five stars in these categories. (more…)


A Croatian getaway – Dubrovnik

The beautiful, walled and fortified Town of Dubrovnik is well worth a visit on its own and is a great one stop city destination. More importantly it is the gateway to some fantastic Dalmatian coastline and the Balkan region. With visitors from the UK growing year upon year, it should not be too long before the numbers exceed those of 1990 before all the problems there arose.

Call to scrap the ban on term time holidays

Busy Beach

Council Leaders are calling for the ban on parents taking children out of school to go on holiday during term time should be scrapped. Since September last year, local authorities have been obliged to fine parents who take children out of school for unauthorised absences. These leaders are suggesting that the newly imposed rules do not take into account complexities of modern family life; but educationalists believe firmly that children will miss out, particularly in the latter years of schooling as they come up to GCSE examination time.

Ebola puts some safari holidays on hold


Tourism is vital to parts of Africa and particularly countries such as Kenya which relies very heavily on the tourist trade. So the last thing that it wanted is a lack of visitors through the scare regarding the outbreak of Ebola. Potential visitors are hesitating to visit countries such as Kenya and South Africa where there have been none or few reported cases of the disease. But travellers seem completely unaware of the massive distances that separate countries on that vast continent; as one tour operator is reported to have said, “It is difficult to defeat fear with logic”.

Post Office launching travel money app

Post Office Travel Money App

We no longer have to wait in long queues to get Euros or Dollars for our holidays and the Post Office has announced a brand new app which will allow travellers to buy currency and compare rates at the touch of the button.

Beware the bloodsucking leeches next time you go abroad

Daniela Liverani

We probably have all read about the unfortunate girl backpacker Daniela Liverani who discovered that she had a three inch leech growing inside her nose for a month, which had to be surgically removed. The unfortunate girl was completely unaware as to how the creature entered her nose in the first place, but she had been backpacking in Vietnam and could have caught it whilst swimming there.

Thomson Airways

Thomson Airways talks about a flying revolution

We do not see it happening, the margins on package holidays is too small, but Thomson Airways has revealed that it is considering introducing a series of innovations to its fleet as part of its vision, which they refer to as “a change to the face of holiday flying” and these are reported to include features such as family booths which consist of an area of four to six seats which would be situated at the rear of their 737 Max aircraft.

Get those skis ready to go!


The sun may still be shining and the summer holidays over only a few weeks ago, but already travel agencies are taking bookings for the forthcoming winter ski season. Traditionally the British favour the Alpine resorts, but how about being slightly more adventurous this winter and flying out to Vancouver and taking in one of the world’s best ski experiences, Whistler?

A great November getaway

Gran Canaria

There are some wonderful winter sun spots, but many of them involve a long haul flight to the southern hemisphere, it can be well worth it of course, but if you have a limited holiday period and just want to get away for a week there are closer options. The Canaries has been a long-time favourite and is still a number one destination for many in the winter, the islands of Tenerife, Grand Canaria and Lanzarote, with a flight time in the region of about five hours, but how about Cyprus?

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