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Family car travel tips

We feel sure that anyone who has travelled with a family by car on a long trip can tell some tales. Many would be hilarious; other no doubt would describe the stresses and strains of children just becoming fretful after a few miles. Who has not heard the plaintiff cries from the rear seat of “are we there yet dad?” A good way around this, if the kids are old enough is to let them have a map and see the places they are passing through.

The first important thing that should always be done on a long trip is to plan ahead, just how much can your children handle on a long trip. We may think nothing of a ten hour run to France, but generally children are just not up to it and as a rule young children should not be confined for more than five or six hours, so consider splitting the journey or having a long two or three hour break. (more…)


Firefighters board Delta aircraft after smoky odour detected during landing

It can be imagined that any passengers that were on an aircraft and saw a group of firefighters in full protective suits board the ‘plane it would give them some anxious moments. That was what happened when a Delta flight landed at New York’s La Guardia airport and flight crew reported that there was an odour of smoke in the cockpit and advised cabin crew their intentions. The flight deck immediately shut down the engines and notified the fire department. (more…)

Boeing offering more hand luggage space on new generation 737’s

Boeing Main

We feel sure that many of us have been frustrated when flying with hand luggage only on one of the budget airlines, which charges for checked bags, only to find that there is no room in the overhead locker to stow your bag. This can be particularly frustrating if you are flying with one of the airlines which have a strict regime on front door only boarding when allocated seats at the rear of the aircraft are loaded first. This can be more than annoying if you have paid extra for one of the legroom front seats and are boarded last to find there is nowhere to put your bag, often this is put into the hold, albeit at no charge and then have to wait at destination for the bag to come onto the carousel. (more…)

How booking a package holiday has changed since the 1960s

package holiday main

Ever wondered how people booked a holiday in the 1960s? Well wonder no more. My Voucher Codes has created a great video showing you how people booked their holidays in decades past.

Nowadays booking a holiday has never been easier, the range of destinations and accommodation available is truly mindboggling, but this hasn’t always been the case. Below is a brief history of package holidays from the 1960s to today: (more…)

Baggage handlers sacked for mistreating luggage

suitcase carousel

We feel sure it will not surprise many people when a video was seen of how baggage handlers at Riyadh Airport treat passengers’ luggage. The film showed two baggage handlers throwing bags onto a conveyor belt with a complete disregard for the cases or their contents. As the video begins it shows one man throwing a large suitcase, which lands on the belt with a heavy thud and the film continues to show the two baggage handlers continuing to throw the suitcases onto the belt. At one time the employees each held onto a single bag and threw it with such force that it hit the barrier at the back and bounced off it onto the belt. (more…)

asiana airlines

Asiana Airlines plane clips radio tower and skids off runway at Hiroshima, Japan

Passengers on board an Asiana Airbus 320 had a narrow escape when the aircraft was landing at Hiroshima airport in Japan and as it came down to the runway, the wheel of the aircraft apparently clipped a radio structure known as the localiser, which helps aircraft find the landing strip. A fragment was found on the plane’s left wheel, Japan’s national broadcaster NHK reported. The 73 passengers and eight crew members used emergency chutes to evacuate the Airbus 320 in the incident late on Tuesday. (more…)

A guide to packing for your holiday


If you are planning to travel over the next few months, you will, we imagine, be taking a suitcase, that includes the increasing numbers that take hand luggage only. Now of course if you are venturing into a naturalist retreat, you may not be packing a lot of clothing, but as most people are not, we share with you some tips about the best way to pack a suitcase like a pro does.

Four great things to see in Athens on a budget


Athens is a magnificent city and like many other places you do not have to spend a small fortune to enjoy the city. Many choose a small hotel at the cheaper end of the market and then prefer to enjoy high end cuisine, naturally this may mean having to compromise on sightseeing, but that does not mean missing out on the culture of the place.

Snakes on a plane, nearly! Reptile tries to board Virgin aircraft in Australia

gold coast airport

Staff were vigilant at Gold Coast Airport in Australia when a snake tried to board a Virgin flight, it was not that it did not have a boarding pass, but snakes on aircraft are not exactly welcome.

Apparently the reptile had slithered up the steps and was within just a few inches of sliding into the Virgin flight when it was spotted by a passenger who very aptly works as the Assistant Minister for Defence. Passengers were already boarding the aircraft and were settling into their seats when the green snake was spotted. (more…)

Beware the ‘sign the petition’ scam abroad


Imagine you are looking forward to a stroll along the Seine or to the Eiffel Tower but you are plagued by tricksters who are asking you to sign a petition and more often than not give some money to help with the project. There is no project and the money goes straight into the pocket of the scammer. This is one of the most common of things that is now happening in the popular tourist areas of Paris and the advice given by tourist guides and websites is to turn away and ignore them.

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