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UK airports criticised for Wi-Fi charges

Free Wi-Fi is something that most of us have come to expect, at least a reasonable period so we can quickly check e-mails or send an important message. However in many British airports you will be lucky to get more than 45 minutes, less at some regional hubs. We have always been slightly bemused at this as using an internet connection by one person or a thousand is not costing the airports any more than if no one used it. Go into a McDonalds and have a cup of coffee and you can use it as long as you want, very often you can just sit in the car park and use it.

The contrast between British mainline hubs and European could not greater with just about anyone you go to offering free Wi-Fi for two hours more. Why should this be when you are already paying to use the airport when you buy a ticket, also coffee and snacks usually come at an exorbitant price, so why do we have to pay the airport authorities to check our emails? (more…)


What do you do with your left over currency?

So what do you do when you arrive at the airport at the end of your holiday and you find that you have some of the local currency left in your wallet or purse? Do you go on a bit of a spending spree and use it all or as much of it as possible, buying the odd coffee, pack of sweets or drink so that you use it all up, or do you simply take it home with you?

Virgin Atlantic Little Red is still struggling

Virgin Atlantic Little Red

Sir Richard Branson set up the ‘Little Red Airline’ to act as a feeder for his Virgin Atlantic routes from London Heathrow when British Airways was successful in buying out BMI. The BMI airline had a loose arrangement with Virgin and acted as a feeder for their long haul routes to the USA, Southern Africa and the far eastern destinations.

Cracked windscreen causes airliner to turn back

american airlines

Shortly after take-off a Boeing 757-223 reported to Los Angeles Airport that the windscreen had cracked and requested an emergency landing.

Naturally passengers, who were en-route to Dallas Fort Worth, were concerned about the situation as they had no idea just how serious the problem was, although the Captain of the aircraft said that in all his years of flying, he had never seen anything like it. He went on to say that the safest thing that could be done was to return the short way distance back to Los Angeles. (more…)

Tourists to Rome in for a financial shock


The finances of capital city Rome must be in pretty poor shape, but instead of asking the citizens of the “Eternal City” to stump up they are now loading it onto the tourists staying in the city’s hotels.

Bardarbunga volcano

Possible airline chaos ahead as concerns over Bardarbunga volcano increases

At the moment there are millions of British families abroad taking their annual summer holiday and any more are planning to fly away over the bank holiday weekend. However there is growing concern at airlines that the problem that disrupted most of Europe’s airspace in 2010 causing 100,000 flights to be grounded, could be just around the corner.

Do you really need your smartphone on holiday?

texting on beach

It seems that the human race is wedded to the smartphone; hardly a day goes by when you do not see someone walking toward you with their smartphone in hand next to their ear. The same things are evident when we go on holiday, busy fingers texting or checking emails, we simply are now completely lost without our ‘phones, but do we really have to take them on holiday?

Wilderness 2014 – The Festival for grown ups of all ages!

Building the Mariachi's Tower

Food from London restaurant names such as Moro, St John, Polpo, Hix and Cartmel’s Simon Rogan. Intellectual stimulation from Gregory Sams, George Monbiot, Irvine Walsh, Edward De Bono’s School of Life. A lakeside spa. Forrest adventures with expert foragers. Music from a hundred bands you’ve never heard of but who you’ll look for as soon as you get home.

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