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texting on beach

Do you really need your smartphone on holiday?

It seems that the human race is wedded to the smartphone; hardly a day goes by when you do not see someone walking toward you with their smartphone in hand next to their ear. The same things are evident when we go on holiday, busy fingers texting or checking emails, we simply are now completely lost without our ‘phones, but do we really have to take them on holiday?

The annual holiday should be about a complete rest away from the grind of everyday life and work, it should be a time to take stock and unwind, on a beach, or snowboarding in the mountains; we really do not have to constantly check our emails, or contact our place of work do we? Well it seems that a huge percentage of British people are very reluctant to leave the mobile at home when going on holiday. An unbelievable 46% of those who took their ‘phones said they check their work emails daily, whilst 36% used them for social media sites. (more…)

Wilderness 2014 – The Festival for grown ups of all ages!

Building the Mariachi's Tower

Food from London restaurant names such as Moro, St John, Polpo, Hix and Cartmel’s Simon Rogan. Intellectual stimulation from Gregory Sams, George Monbiot, Irvine Walsh, Edward De Bono’s School of Life. A lakeside spa. Forrest adventures with expert foragers. Music from a hundred bands you’ve never heard of but who you’ll look for as soon as you get home.

Tell us about your worst holiday experience

Road Trip

For most of us our holiday experiences are without incident and as far as we can tell a very happy and enjoyable time. However, we know that it cannot be like that the whole time and there must be holidays when everything has not gone exactly as planned, or the hotel or apartment has not been up to expectations.

New York entrepreneur plans to build floating beach on the Hudson River

City Beach

New Yorker Blayne Ross has a vision – to build a floating beach on the Hudson River and has launched his own crowd funding project to help him do it. The creative entrepreneur, along with design teams from workshop/apd and Craft Engineering Studio have come up with the City Beach NYC concept and plans to raise the money for the project through crowd funding website indiegogo.

Is flying still safe?


Two Malaysian Airlines planes go down. One lost without trace. The other brought down by a sophisticated missile.

There have been two other crashes since the plane shot down over Ukrainian airspace although most of us probably haven’t even heard of them.

Glamping and you!


While the very term glamping may make you cringe, the reality of camping with a bit of luxury thrown in can be very tempting, even if glamour is a bit too much to ask.

Here at Travel Campaigner we love the great outdoors, and if a little more comfort is what it takes to get a few thousand more sub-urbanites out from their neat estates then bring it on!

Travelling with babies and young children

Toothman Portrait

So you have a taste for travel. First it’s backpacking and somehow getting by on the bare essentials, sleeping here and there. Then as you find you have a little more money, perhaps your travel becomes a little more comfortable.

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