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Record number of passengers’ logged at Manchester Airport

With the 23 millionth passenger who is due to fly out on EasyJet to Geneva on Monday, the number of passengers flying out of Manchester has reached record levels, taking it past the pre-crisis levels for the first time.

Manchester in common with many other regional airports saw passenger levels fall in the wake if the financial crisis, with air traffic falling dramatically 20% between 2007 and 2010. However it is clear that the turnaround seen at Manchester points to the fact that it is not necessary to travel down to Heathrow to go to long haul destinations. An example is that Dubai, served by Emirates, remains Manchester’s most popular international route, which is a great hub for onward travel to the Far East. Two long haul destinations have been added to the flight schedule at Manchester as direct flights to Beijing will start next June, and Air China has made an application to fly direct from Shanghai. (more…)


New uniform design for Thomas Cook and Co-operative Travel shops

The merger between Thomas Cook and the Co-operative travel shops took place in 2010 and although described as a merger it was in fact widely regarded as a takeover by Thomas Cook who holds 66% of the new company’s shares. The two, Thomas Cook and Co-operative Travel stores, continue to operate under distinct brands and between them have over 800 shops nationwide, with their own distinctive uniforms. (more…)

Foreign Secretary signals airport security review at airports

Sharm el Sheikh

The problems experienced by holiday makers at Sharm el Sheikh with the concern that the Russian aircraft was brought down by a bomb being place on board has triggered a campaign to tighten up on security measures, particularly in those areas where Islamic State militants are known to be active.

Fog causes more airline chaos

airplane fog

Dense fog is debilitating at the best of time and drivers of motor cars will know how it can cause disruption and lead to serious accidents. Imagine therefore, what it must be like to land an aircraft loaded with passengers when the visibility is down to a matter of a few feet.

Holiday makers still restricting their budgets

tightening belt

Reports are clear that the average wage is increasing, but this has not had any effect on holidaymakers who are planning to restrict their spending on bookings to last years amount and over half, 60% say that they will not be spending anymore when they get to their destination. This is a clear sign that consumers are continuing to tighten their belts, with holidays being one way in which they can restrict spending.

Term time holiday ban review demanded by MP’s


Fining parents’ for taking their children out of school during term time for a family holiday is a subject that has recently been given a lot of airing recently, particularly since John Platt, from the Isle of Wight, successfully had a fine overturned after arguing that the unauthorised absence of his daughter to go on holiday to Florida in term time did not mean she failed to attend school regularly.

Trip Advisor’s grip on the travel industry strengthened by agreement with


It is a far cry from the days when two entrepreneurs Langley Steinert, Stephen Kaufer founded the company from a small office above a pizza shop called Kosta’s in Needham, Massachusetts 15 years ago. It began as site looking at official words from guidebooks, but they added a button to the site which invited visitors to add their own reviews and it really took off after that. Last year a booking facility was added and now it is possible to manage Hotel and flights booking, Vacation rentals, Restaurant finding, and browse Travel guides. (more…)

Hoseasons adds 9,000 cottages to its portfolio


Hoseasons can claim to be the UK’s leading self-catering specialist with thousands of places to stay, in coastal and countryside settings throughout Britain and Europe. Established now for over 65 years, in the period after the Second World War they made a name for providing boating holidays on the Norfolk Broads, Today you can choose from camping holiday parks, lodges, cottages as well as boating holidays.

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