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Which country has the most intimidating airport security?

A study of over 1,500 regular travellers has found that the US has the most intimidating airport security checks with 22% of the vote. It comes as no surprise that the US is number one in the poll, it has always been seen as having the strictest airport security even more so after the atrocities of the 11th September 2001.

Other countires that made the list include Dubai, Mexico and Canada, with the UK coming in at number six.

The study, commissioned by visa help website also found the reasons for travellers to feel intimidated, these include; the intimidating demeanour of officials, weapons on show and security and scanning equipment.

64% of those questioned said that even though they felt intimidated by the security measures, that they thought it was a necessary process for better security.

Speaking to the press, Liam Clifford from IXP Visas said, “There’s often something intimidating about figures in a position of authority. It can lead many of us to feel like we’ve done something wrong even if we know we’re completely innocent. With heightened security fears in the last few decades, the process of moving from one country into another is often now a longwinded scenario. Gone are the days of waving a passport and breezing onto a flight. Now it’s scanners, sniffer dogs and shoes and belts off.”

Adding, “In one sense, I suppose the intimidation factor should help to discourage those looking to indulge in any illegal activity. However, for the innocent traveller, it can be a daunting prospect. The majority of officials take their jobs very seriously and whilst you might think a light hearted joke will help to brighten up the situation, it’s often the case that they take a dim view. In the majority of border situations it’s probably best to comply with what’s required and then be on your way.”

Here is the full top ten list:

1.    US -22%
2.    Dubai/ UAE – 12%
3.    Mexico – 9%
4.    Canada – 8%
5.    South Korea – 6%
6.    UK -5%
7.    Israel – 5%
8.    Pakistan – 4%
9.    Venezuela – 4%
10.    Cuba – 3%

Have you ever been intimidated when passing through airport security or have a funny story to tell? Then leave a comment below.

Picture: Greg Petrovic


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