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“Our Beds Were Too Comfy” and other Astonishing Complaints from Vacation Household Guests

A holiday home insurance provider from the UK have unveiled the most hilarious complaints made by Britons following their stays at holiday homes in the UK and overseas, we are going to share them with you, all the way from beds being too comfortable and furniture being too attractive.

The weird and wonderful complaints, collated by the clever people at, were discovered as part of the company’s ongoing research customer satisfaction when letting a holiday home. The study, which had 2,581 participants, asked respondents a range of questions about their holiday home experiences.

Participants were asked to tell the researchers about their last holiday home stay, and any complaints they might have had. workers then sifted through the information to find the funniest complaints.

Here are the top 10:

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Phil Schofield from Schofield’s Ltd  commented about the study, saying:

“I can’t say these are the kind of complaints we expected to see, but they certainly brought a smile to our faces when we read them! We advise holidaymakers to check out their accommodation as much as they can before they sign up to anything and book, but if these are the only complaints you have, I think that would count as a pretty good holiday!”


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