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Top 5 in Travel Tech

When you’re travelling, there are plenty of things you’re always going to need to take with you: sun cream, whether you’re sunbathing or skiing, warm or cool clothing, any kinds of medication you might need. But it’s becoming increasingly important for holidaymakers and travellers to need to take various different types of technology with them, whether to keep you up to date on what’s happening in the world or to help you get around. Here are some top picks of travel technology at the moment, things that might be necessary or might just increase the enjoyment of your travels.

kindle paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite 3G

Wherever you’re travelling, there are bound to be long periods of time where you have not a lot to do, whether you’re lazing on a sunny beach, waiting at the airport for a flight, or travelling on a long train journey through the back end of nowhere. In the past, travellers would load up their suitcases and hand luggage with books, but now we have various different eReaders that weigh very little but hold far more books that you could hope to read in a single trip. One of the top picks at the moment is the Kindle Paperwhite 3G: it weighs only 215g; a battery that can last up to 8 weeks; a high resolution screen that allows you to read in the bright sunlight with a new front light that provides better contrast between the text and background; can store up to 1100; and a free 3G connection for domestic and some overseas travel as well as WiFi connectivity. google nexus 7

Google Nexus 7

Just like with the eReader, most people want something that will allow them to connect to the internet to get on with work, keep up with the news or just generally browse, but want it to be lightweight and have plenty of battery life. Many people prefer now to take only a tablet rather than a small laptop, and there are plenty of options out there ranging from the typical and expensive iPad or iPad mini, right down to the inexpensive Tesco Hudl. If you’re looking for something of good value, the Android tablet Google Nexus 7 might be your best bet, available for around only £156 for the 16GB version with a 7 inch screen. The new version is super thin and light, only 200 x 114 x 8.7mm and 290g, so it’s easier to throw into your hand luggage or a backpack. The best thing about having a tablet around when you’re travelling is the ability to download apps that will help you get around and stay connected with people back home. Some of the most recommended include the obvious Skype; XE Currency, which tracks live currency market updates around the world; Packing Pro, which creates lists of things you might need to pack based on your destination to help you remember; SendMyBag, which allows you to arrange luggage collection to and from almost anywhere in the world; Hostelworld, a directory of more than 25,000 cheap hostels and hotels around the world; and Around Me, which gives you suggestions on the best places to eat, sleep, shop and more in your destination.

usb wall charger

USB Wall Charger

If you’re travelling with a phone, tablet, laptop, eReader or any other devices, you’ll find that when you’re bored on flights and waiting around, these run out of battery life more quickly than you’d think. One of the most frustrating things is arriving at your accommodation to find that you only have one socket in the wall but four things to charge. A USB wall charger with multiple outlets is the perfect solution as you can plug in several devices in one place, and it also saves you carrying a different charger around for each device, especially since many of the use the same style of charger now anyway.

polaroid socialmatic

Polaroid Socialmatic camera

This one is more a bit of fun than a necessary, but wherever you’re travelling, you’re bound to need a camera to capture all the memories, views and sights you see. In an age where everything and everyone are connected via social media, leaving that behind, possibly even for months at a time while you see the world, can be difficult. The Polaroid Socialmatic camera allows you to connect to your favourite apps and share what you’re snapping instantaneously with your friends, even if they’re back home. It is Android based with a 4.5 inch touchscreen and can track your pictures with a built in GPS and QR Code. You can also print the pictures directly from the camera straight after taking them just like a classic Polaroid Camera. CAM295BL_00-IMS-en_GB

Philips ESee HD Camcorder CAM300

Many people also like to record to their memories on their travels in a more personal and vivid way so take along a camera with video capabilities or a camcorder. If you plan to only record a few moments of video, a camera with an inbuilt video or even a mobile phone will be fine for you, but if you’re looking for more, you’ll need something a little more focused. The Philips ESee HD Camcorder CAM300 has a 3 inch touch screen and allows you to edit instantly and share your videos online. The camcorder has full high definition quality (1080p). It’s a very small camcorder and light, perfect for throwing into your bag and getting on your way and will even fit snugly into your pocket.

Images courtesy of Photographer, Miya-Aki, Chris Zielecki, Intel Free Press and Photo Giddy.


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