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Clocking up the Air Miles with the World Cup

To Rio and Back Infographic-page-001

With people travelling from all around the globe to catch a glimpse of their favourite teams and sports stars in the 2014 World Cup held in Brazil, the air miles are certainly going to be clocking up. Our infographic, created in conjunction with totals up the combined mileage of passengers making the trip from their home countries to and from Rio de Janeiro.

There are 32 countries competing in the World Cup from places far and varied, from Germany, Russia, Croatia and Spain, to Costa Rica, Colombia, Cameroon and Ghana, to as far flung as South Korea, Iran and Australia. The distances range from as little as 2446 miles for a return trip for Argentinian residents to travel to and from Rio, to 23,060 miles for Japan, and everything in between.

The infographic looks at the ticket sales in the top ten countries with the most ticket allocations, with 0.60% of Brazil’s residents securing themselves a ticket, followed by 0.23% of Australians, despite the long round trip and 0.20% of people from Chile.


On top of all the travel from fans’ home countries, there’s also the inevitable travel even further if you’re there to watch any matches aside from the final. While Rio is home to the final itself, there are other stadiums dotted around Brazil used for the tournament matches, including Manaus, Salvador and Sao Paulo. Most will need a flight of a couple of hours to reach, clocking up even more air miles.

With these miles racking up and thousands of fans travelling the distances as well as the teams, you can’t help but wonder at the amount of baggage that will be making the journey with them. The average weight of luggage one fan will take according the stats is 20kg, but it’s likely there will be several wanting to take plenty more with them than that. In total, the number is a bit of a shock: more than 37,428 tonnes of luggage will be transported from country to country, all in the name of a football match.


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