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Tourists to Rome in for a financial shock

The finances of capital city Rome must be in pretty poor shape, but instead of asking the citizens of the “Eternal City” to stump up they are now loading it onto the tourists staying in the city’s hotels.

The Italian authorities have approved the proposal so now staying in a five star hotel will cost you, on top of the room rate an extra €7 per person per night! The increase is across the board and all category of hotel has to add the extra, for a 4 star €6, a 3 star an extra €4 and for budget 2 star the increase is €2.

The tourist tax added to hotel rates is not new as they were first introduced in 2011 as a means of helping to pay for repairs and maintenance to the city. Tour operators are feeling the pinch in their profits because of the increased rate as they have been given less that a months’ notice and must absorb the cost for those who have booked and paid up front. We have already been told that it is going to cost one well known firm £120,000 and it would not come as any surprise if tour operators avoided taking rooms in the City and some could stop promoting Rome tours altogether.

Rome of course is a wonderful destination and potential; travellers should not be put off by these increases. For example why not stay outside of the city? One beautiful place is Anguillara Sabazia a mere 30Kms away and close to the volcanic Lake Bracciano. Not only can you explore this delightful town but Rome is only about 40 minutes away by train, right into the heart of the city.

Anguillara Sabazia has cobbled streets, family pizzerias, and a medieval town centre with the famous clock tower and fountain of eels, a two centre holiday, offering some of traditional Italy as well as the attractions of Rome.

Picture: Moyan Brenn



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