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Catalonia comes top as the best destination to buy a holiday home

Looking for a destination to buy your holiday home in? Well the hard work has been done for you by the clever guys and girls at Schofields Ltd. An infographic, commissioned by the holiday home insurance provider shows that the best place to buy a holiday home in the world is Catalonia. With a bustling tourism sector, high rental yields and low property prices, a holiday home in the Catalan region could earn up to 18.59% return on investment per year.

The research team at Schofields choose the five most popular tourist countries in the world and sifted through property prices, rental yields and return on investment figures for the best destinations in those countries. All return on investment figures are based on 25 weeks of rental income per year, and do not take into account expenses or local taxes.

Here are the top five destinations to buy a holiday home:

  1. Catalonia, Spain (18.59% ROI)
  2. Orlando, USA (16.70% ROI)
  3. Balearic Islands, Spain (10.22% ROI)
  4. Provence, France (9.67% ROI)
  5. Lombardia, Italy (8.03% ROI)

Have a look at the full infographic below:

Where to buy an international holiday home – An infographic by the team at Schofields



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