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Lack of snow in the Alps is no reason to panic

France in particular has seen little snow at its major ski resorts and below 2,000 metres the runs are still green. The three valleys resorts of Courchevel, Méribel and Les Menuires have postponed their opening due to the lack of snow and the World Cup race which was due in Courcheval this weekend has been cancelled.

It is unusual for there to be lack of snow at this time of year, it only happens in a about one winter in six, but experts are telling us that it is not time to panic, just yet anyway, if it lasts until January then it could be pretty disastrous. What the resorts are looking for is a number of consecutive dumps of snow and then it can be expected to last through the better part of the ski season.

Many French resorts have seen a light dusting of snow, but in Italy Cervinia has excellent conditions and Austria is also having good conditions in the resorts of Ischgl and Solden. One glimmer of hope is that the daytime temperatures are below freezing at their highest point and this means that with the new modern equipment snow making is possible, so the resorts are hoping the temperatures remain below freezing.

Some good news is that following on from a survey by the Post Office, it has been revealed that the costs of ski passes, equipment, tuition, food and drink had dropped in nineteen of the twenty seven resorts across Europe and North America. As anticipated Bulgaria and Slovenia are the cheapest places to buy a lift pass as well as other ski holiday essentials such as equipment, tuition, food and drink. The strong pound and price cuts are also resulting in a drop in the cost of skiing for the British holiday maker.



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