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Magaluf to re-invent itself

To many people it has come too late for popular resort Magaluf in Mallorca to try to shake off the image of being a boozy haunt for British holidaymakers, but that is what it is determined to do.

The resort is absolutely fed up with holidaymakers not confined to Britain, but other countries too that have earned the resort the nick name of “Shagaluf”. The people responsible for making laws are determined to ban pub crawls and drinking in the street claiming that it does absolutely nothing for the municipality. Pat of their plan is to fly in British police who will patrol the tourist strip of Punta Bellena, hoping to get rid, once and for all, its somewhat unsavoury image.

The residents of the area have had enough of booze fuelled and sexually charged tourists that have given the area such a tarnished reputation. Of course it is not just the British that look forward to a trip to Magaluf, for example last year the authorities brought in French and German police to patrol the main tourist strip, it had a marked effect as Jaime Martinez, the minister of tourism for the Balearic government said, the patrols were effective because tourists showed more respect for officers from their homeland.

However, the British are big spenders here and last year it is estimated that one million Britons a year visit the area, spending approximately £628m (€800m) on the other hand some 223 visitors from these islands were shown the door a huge increase on previous years.

Just one example of the behaviour of some holidaymakers, is the shocking video that has emerged showing an 18-year-old Northern Irish woman performing oral sex on 24 men in a nightclub in return for a free drink! This happened in July this year and stringent restriction were brought into force a week after the incident.

The minister for tourism has optimistically said that Magaluf would become a ‘mature tourist zone’ in time for next year’s tourist season.



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