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Top five beaches to visit in Crete

Crete is a truly beautiful island, to many it is the best of all the Greek Islands and here you can still see the remnants of brilliant civilizations, impressive mountains, fertile valleys which have supplied much of the produce that is part of the gastronomic culture of Crete.

Crete has a 1,000 kilometres of coastline and offers a multitude of soft sandy beaches lapped by the blue Mediterranean, it can be said to be one of the best holiday destination in Europe. With so much coastline and beaches, it is difficult to pick just five, but our favourites are listed and they could well be yours too.

Vái Beach

For sheer tranquillity Vái is a lined with palm trees and lying close to the nearby Toploú monastery it seems to be enveloped by its spirituality. The sand is fine and during the early morning you could imagine that you have been transported to the Caribbean. The beach is extremely popular, particularly in the high summer months, so if this is when you will be visiting Crete, early mornings and late evenings you can still enjoy Vái the way it ought to be.

Koureménos Beach

If windsurfing and tavernas are more your scene then we suggest a trip to Koureménos Beach, this is definitely one of the islands top wind surfing spots and the sand and pebble beach is long and has plenty of tavernas and places to stay, with an excellent windsurfing centre. It has a community of camper vans particularly in the summer, but it all adds to the atmosphere.

Elafonísi Beach

A beach which is in complete contrast is Elafonísi Beach, for first time visitors it can be quite a shock as they discover the almost tropical waters and the white sand which is beautifully tinged with pink by coral, aquamarine waters, salt-encrusted rock pools and bright-red starfish. A sand bar can be reached by a short shallow wade through the warm water.

Mýrtos Beach

For those who like to get away from it all Mýrtos is a charming, white-walled village, but it has a long shingle beach. Here the pace of life is slow even in the peak time of August, there is not a lot to do but top up your tan, swim in warm waters, or linger over a nice cool drink. Mýrtos is ideal for those who like to be slightly more energetic too, with the opportunity for mountain hikes.

Stavrós Beach

If you have children with you then take a look at Stavrós and its near-perfect beach which is almost enclosed by circular bay. The sea is absolutely calm and has gently shelving sand, perfect for the children and safe. Because it is so good for children it does get crowded in the high summer months, but it is still a great beach to visit and relax in the sun.

If you haven’t visited Crete then you should, it is a time to come and discover this fascinating Greek island. If you lose your heart to this island, don’t worry come back again it will still be there, Crete will welcome you once more with its smiling Cretan sun.



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