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Ten top tips on how to save money and still travel in style

It’s nearly June and if you have not already done so it is time to start shopping around for all your holiday essentials, from bikinis to flights. Looking at the holiday booking site Skyscanner we have seen some valuable and interesting tips for travelling on a budget, including paying less to eat locally and seeing sights for free.

Tip number one is to pack a sun hat; this piece of headgear can serve multiple uses form being a sick bucket, hiding straggly hair, reserving a sun lounger, even hiding valuables such as a camera. If you haven’t already got one Debenhams is having a sale on selected sun hats with savings of 30%.

Number two on our list is to be flexible when possible about the dates you fly, weekday flights are always cheaper than weekends. Try ticking the box which say flexible on dates and just see how much difference there is.

Tip three is to eat locally and use local markets for food instead of restaurants; you will be surprised at the savings you can make. Tripadvisor is one of the best places for local restaurants reviews, you can also book your seats well in advance online before you fly away on holiday.

Tip four is one often missed but not usually by students who are savvy about these things, always check if there are student and over sixty discounts. Some airlines will offer discounts to over sixties, BA is one and American Airlines another.

Tip five is all about currency exchange, the Euro is low at present this means our holidays in Europe will be cheaper. Check the currency checkers and see if buying in advance will save money, often using a pre-paid top up card can give a better rate, always do this at least a month ahead.

Number six is a long standing tip and that is to always book a hotel with breakfast in the price that is unless you are on an all-inclusive of course. Get your money’s worth in the morning and do as the locals do make some sandwiches to take with you for later will save you money on lunch and snacks.

Number seven is one that we find most people do anyway, take lots and lots of photographs, they are priceless to keep for the years ahead. You could enter them un competitions, people do and win free holidays!

Number eight is a great way to see the sights and often free, book a walking tour they’re a great way to get your bearings in a new place, often a free drink or snack can be included

Number nine is something many of us have been doing for year, take hand luggage do not pay extra for hold baggage, most of us just wear tee shirts and shorts, most places have laundry facilities today.

Pack light so you don’t have to pay for checked luggage. Don’t be afraid to wash your clothes, reducing the number of outfits you need to take with you.

Finally use local transport and avoid paid for excursions, cheap train fares in Europe are easily found through Trainline Europe, with Rome to Venice fares from £6.



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