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Peace of mind on the beach with a waterproof ‘Swymbag’

It has always been an age old problem, what to do with your valuables if you want to go swimming when on the beach. However two entrepreneurs’ friends Emily Gayton and Kristina Oliver have come up with a solution if the form of a waterproof bag that can be worn whilst swimming which they have called the “Swymbag”.

Both of then were victims of theft and they came up with the idea which is being crowdfunded and it can be either a shoulder bag or a bum bag, made from neoprene the sort of synthetic that is used to make wetsuits it is designed to be comfortable on the skin. The bag has been tested at a depth of two metres for 30 minutes and everything inside was perfectly dry. The b ag is claimed to be the first of its kind and thanks to the patented unique locking system water cannot penetrate.


The bags come in a variety of sizes, much will depend on what you want to store in them, and they will take anything from a ‘phone to a tablet computer such as an iPad. Re-assuringly, every bag on the final manufacturing run will be certified to reach the highest waterproofing standard which is IPX8

The product is yet to reach the shops, but the founders, who are currently raising £75,000, hope to have it on the market soon and the price is expected to be around £50. The reaction to date has been mixed with many people wondering why so many items like iPads have to be taken to the beach and not kept in the room or hotel safes, nonetheless it is sure to be a must buy for many people.



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