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Drunk and obnoxious airplane passengers are considered the worst by travellers

We’re heading into the peak holiday season here in the UK, and for many it can be a stressful experience which can be made worst by other peoples actions. An online voucher code website has done some research to find out the most frustrating behaviours airplane passengers do and have created a hand aircraft etiquette infographic of what not to do.

Being crammed into a tight space for hours on end with people you haven’t chosen to spend your time with can be a stressful experience, so set out to find what behaviours airplane passengers find the most infuriating.

The study polled 1000 UK residents who had recently flown abroad, “When flying, which of the following passenger behaviours get on your nerves the most?” Participants were asked to choose from a list of 8 behaviours and could choose as many as they liked. The results are below:

  • Drunk and obnoxious (23%)
  • Unruly children (21%)
  • Body odour issues (14%)
  • Seat recliners (13%)
  • Seat and armrest hogs (9%)
  • Always up and down from their seat (7%)
  • Chatter boxes (6%)
  • Removing shoes and socks (4%)
  • All of the above (3%)

Unsurprisingly, 23% of respondents stated that they found the drunk and obnoxious behaviour of fellow passengers to be the most annoying, followed by parents letting their children run riot on board (21%). decided to put together a handy infographic guide of how to keep in line when travelling abroad by plane. Styled like an airplane safety information card, the guide reminds passengers of simple things that can make the journey far more comfortable for the people around them, including not hogging the overhead bins, not drinking too much or eating smelly foods, and most importantly, not to join the “Mile High Club”!

Founder of My Voucher Codes Mark Pearson talked about the aircraft etiquette guide, saying:

“From our recent research we have found out what behaviours really get on passengers’ nerves when flying, so we thought it would be fun to give travellers a gentle reminder on how to act when flying. Important considerations include watching how much you drink and making sure if you’re travelling with children they do not cause problems for others on board.”


“After all you don’t want to find yourself kicked off your flight and in police custody before you take off or in a foreign country before you even get on your holiday!”

Check out the handy infographic below:

airline infographic


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