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Would you be prepared to pay more for better security at certain airports?

The problems at Sharm el Sheikh have been headline news for a couple of weeks now following on from the crash of a Russian aircraft suspected of being brought down by a bomb, which has not yet been officially declared the reason for the Metrojet crashing in Northern Sinai.

Agents believe that we would be prepared to pay more and the boss of EasyJet, Carolyn McCall, said that some airports need to have their security arrangement up graded, although she would not name any of them. She went on to say that it was not a blanket message but it was a global one and not confined to Egyptian airports, or a North Africa problem.

The chairman of Elite travel Group, Neil Basnett was quite clear in his message in which he said: “It does put the spotlight onto security worldwide”. He further commented that it would be very likely that extra security would be forthcoming and that the cost will be passed on to the airlines, who in turn would pass it on to the customer, suggesting that if it came to paying £5 more to not be at risk we would pay.

Former Director General of the Federation of Tour Operators suggested that UK customers were less resilient that before believing that the situation in Sharm el Sheikh could put people off and increased security was inevitable, but time would tell. Derek Moore Chairman of Aito agreed, following the problems at Sharm we will all be grateful for extra security checks, even if we find the delay tedious.

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