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New uniform design for Thomas Cook and Co-operative Travel shops

The merger between Thomas Cook and the Co-operative travel shops took place in 2010 and although described as a merger it was in fact widely regarded as a takeover by Thomas Cook who holds 66% of the new company’s shares. The two, Thomas Cook and Co-operative Travel stores, continue to operate under distinct brands and between them have over 800 shops nationwide, with their own distinctive uniforms.

However it has now been decided that Thomas Cook is introducing a uniform that gives all shop staff the same look for the first time and is planned to be rolled out to all staff by January 4th 2016. Photographs reveal that the new uniform will feature the grey and yellow of Cook’s sunny heart logo introduced two years ago, replacing the familiar current blue and yellow of Thomas Cook and the blue and orange colours of Co-operative Travel’s uniform. The uniform was due to be unveiled by Kathryn Darbandi, retail and customer experience director for the UK and Ireland at a conference held in Turkey. Kathryn Darbandi in a comment said: “This will create a feel-good factor in our shops and revitalise our retail teams. We wanted to take the opportunity to do something fresh and bright.”

Re-branding and image changing are common across many companies worldwide, the uniform by Thomas Cook retail employees has changed a number of times, the last time was in 2011 and was a far cry from the beige, shop uniform which was designed in the late 1970s, very different from the late eighties when staff sported red bow ties.

Here are some pictures of past uniforms used by Thomas Cook, do you remember any of these from your past holidays?





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