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Armed man prevented from entering Disneyland Paris

The police and security services are extremely vigilant in France, particularly Paris which has been the recipients of a number of terrorist attacks in recent times. This vigilance clearly paid off when an armed man was detected trying to carry weapons into one of the hotels close to the Disneyland theme park.

A 28 year old man was caught with two guns in a suitcase as well as a copy of the Koran after he set off the Hotel New York metal detectors and the police are actively looking for a woman, who was with the man and believed to be his girlfriend, who made off when the alarms sounded.

A spokesman for Disneyland Paris confirmed that during routine screening at a checkpoint at one of the Park’s hotels, the weapons were discovered in the man’s luggage. He went on to explain that the safety and security of our guests as well as the members of the Disneyland cast was their upmost priority.

Disneyland Paris was closed on November the 14th 2015 for a period of four days following on from the terrorist attacks in Paris and as this discovery confirms, France remains on high alert due to the risk of further attacks.

In a comment the French Police reportedly said there was no indication the incident was terrorism related, and that the man said he was carrying the guns because he feared for his safety.

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