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Security experts brought in to ensure visitor security in Egypt

The problems that occurred after the bringing down of a Russian aircraft operated by budget carrier Metrojet, have had a devastating effect on the tourism industry to Egypt. The aircraft was leaving Sharm el- Sheikh returning to Russia when it was brought down, investigators believe a bomb was planted on the plane. This resulted in all carriers from the UK pulling out of flying to the Red Sea resort and until security at the airport was guaranteed to be improved they have said they will not return.

However in a move which the Egyptian authorities hope will rectify the situation, they have employed the services of Control Risks, a global consulting firm specialising in political, security and integrity risk.

Tourism is a major part of the Egyptian economy and the Minister for Tourism, Hisham Zaazou in a comment said: We are committed to make sure that people from around the world have a safe, secure and enjoyable experience when visiting Egypt.” The Minister went on to say that they were satisfied that Control Risks is a world leading security company and they had been employed by the Egyptian government to enhance our airport security as part of Egypt’s commitment to a world-class gold standard.

The company has already begun work adding to what has been described by the Minister as the huge efforts already being made by Egyptian authorities as well as International government security delegations. Naturally he re-iterated that for those people visiting Egypt, whether this is to visit historic sites or to resorts, the safety and security of them was the main concern for the Egyptian government.

For the hard pressed employees of the Red sea resorts as well as the International hotel operators all will be hoping that the measures will satisfy tour operators and importantly airlines carrying people to the country.



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