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Increase in safe holiday destination bookings could cause an accommodation shortage

With booking to Turkey seeing a massive 75% drop on last year, rental home specialist Interhome is predicting that this year will see a severe shortage of accommodation in the destination that are deemed safe. Interhome has seen bookings to Egypt drop by 35% against last year, whilst bookings to Spain has increased 30% and Italy by 25%, long haul destinations Florida and the Caribbean are also performing very well a present.

As demand outstrips supply, market forces take over and it is possible that prices will rise in line with the extra demand, but a shortage of available accommodation is also a likely outcome of the increased demand for holidays at the perceived safe areas. In common with the problems of school holidays, customers are strongly advised to book their summer holidays as far in advance as they possibly can.

In a comment from Thijs van Oss, Interhome’s regional director for Northern Europe, he said that: “We’re seeing high demand for our villas and apartments across southern Europe, with Spain and Italy being particularly popular,” he went on. Leaving booking to the last minute is sure to bring disappointment if the demand continues and although as Thijs pointed out, their staff are working hard to find extra accommodation to fill the demand, but it is difficult.

Of course as Interhome indicated, the demand for the “safe” destinations means that there is a huge amount of cheap offers coming in for Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt; what has to be remembered though is that airlines have stripped back the number of flights to these countries, many not flying out at all, so whilst the accommodation may be a bargain, getting there could be a major hurdle. Airlines are using this spare capacity to fly to western European destinations, but accommodation may be at a premium if there is any available.



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