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New campaign launched to attract tourists back to Paris

The November terrorist attacks have had a devastating effect on the citizens of Paris and the French capital has also seen a dramatic drop in visitor numbers, causing a huge drop in revenue for traditional businesses such as cafes, bars and hotels.

The aim of a recently launched campaign is targeting tourists from particular countries such as Japan and Italy, whose nationals appear to have been the most affected by the security problems. Since the attacks some hotels have taken desperate measures to try to entice visitors back, many in the Montmartre halving their prices by up to 50% from €100 to €50 a night.

Figures which have just been released show that the number of tourists visiting the French capital has dropped in December by 22% when compared to December 2014, caused through the Islamic terrorist attacks that killed 130 people on November 13, this saw the anticipated growth figures completely destroyed.

Paris has always been a very popular destination for both French and non-French visitors, with 15.6 million non-French tourists visiting, who contributed €21 billion into the economy. The French Tourist Committee responsible for the Paris region has issued some interesting facts which show that not all nationalities responded in the same way to the attacks. For example following on from the Charlie Hebdo attack, it was the Japanese who cancelled their plans to visit Paris, according to hotel registrations, compared with falls of 17.3% Italians, 9.6% Dutch and 7.9% Germans.

The American are by far the biggest group who visit Paris, their numbers actually rose by 5.6%, this was followed by the second largest visitor group with 2.1 million visitors the British, and their numbers fell by just 3.5% the Chinese also saw their visitor numbers visiting Paris rise by an impressive 49.1%. Presumably the Chinese are less afraid of the attacks, unless of course they do not read newspapers or listen to news broadcasts.

The places that feared the most that they could be victims of terrorist attacks include iconic structures such as the Louvre that saw a 4.8% fall in visitor numbers, the Eiffel Tower a 2.6% drop and the famous Orsay museum registered a smaller drop in numbers of just 1.2%.



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