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Strike on Eurostar threatens Easter family getaway

When disputes involving travel to holiday destinations arise and strike action is called, holiday makers are usually the ones who have to suffer the consequences, for many they are left bewildered why it is them and not the employers that bear the brunt.

Of course there are always two sides to every dispute and in the case on the Rail Maritime and Transport union (RMT) it is they who are calling on their members to strike for what they consider to be the “victimisation” of a union activist. Apparently the basis of the dispute arose when a train manager who acts as an RMT representative, was called upon to manage a train on her own on a section of the route, which she objected to. The RMT is backing her and as they claim that it would be unsafe for her to work alone and she was within her rights to refuse.

In accordance with the law, the union is balloting its close on 100 train managers based at St Pancras station in London, the ballot, we understand, is to close on March 15th and then they must give seven days’ notice of any action it intends to take. Should the members’ agree with the union leaders then strike action, if called for, could then take place over the Easter weekend.

What this means for travellers is that services through the Channel Tunnel may be halted, which would mean that this could lead to mass cancellations, which would involve passengers having to try to make alternative arrangements to travel to their destinations.

Currently we do not know what the Eurostar side of the argument is, but we are told that they and the RMT are in talks and hope that a settlement can be reached. Many thousands of holiday makers will also be hoping that they can before the first great getaway of the 2016 holiday period.

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