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Carnival UK restructures sales team and confirms a number of redundancies

Carnival group is the umbrella organisation which offers cruising across the globe by big names such as P&O and Cunard and following on from a month long consultation they have restructured the sales organisation, which although does include a number of new positions and an increase to 46 in the team, which is an increase of 30%, there have been ten redundancies.

In a statement, Alex White who is vice president of sales for both P&O as well as Cunard said that 40% of the roles had been filled by internal applicants, but regrettably ten persons were made redundant and had left the organisation. He went on to explain that the consultation period had been 30 days and that it would take a transition period of two months to see the new structure fully operational.

According to Mr White there are some vacancies still left to be filled and they are currently engaged in the application process. This, according to him, is the biggest restructure undertaken for more than ten years and it will see the creation of three teams. These are national partnerships headed by Nathaniel Sherborne, retail partnerships led by Shane Riley and sales operations headed by Natasha Richardson. In addition both the national and the retail partnerships will also have field-based staff offering support.

Natasha Richardson’s team will also be responsible for overseeing investments for training as well as sales support. The introduction of dedicated resources for Cunard under Carnival is the first time this has happened and with the expanded field sales organisation, it is believed that they can focus on building up regional business.



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