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First virtual reality holidays launched by Contiki

Travel broadens the mind and for young people it gives them the opportunity to meet different groups of people, practice language skills, as well as experiencing cultures which can be totally different to their own. Youth tour operator Contiki has been giving 18 to 35year olds group travel experiences for 53 years, exploring many amazing places with like-minded people.

Today, the young have more restraints on their time as well as having the extra burden of the likelihood of student debt, so enjoying travel can be more difficult. Contiki believe that they have come up with the answer by creating the world’s first virtual reality holidays, which they claim could disrupt the entire travel sector.

Contiki believe that their “Virtually Unlimited” can take youngsters to lots of far flung destinations without having to leave the country and they are opening centres across Ireland and the UK where this can be experienced for a small fee of £79, during which a three hour “virtual trip” is going to “activate all the senses.” Some of the virtual holiday experiences are to include climbing Machu Picchu in Peru, cycling in Vietnam, experiencing Oktoberfest in Munich and seeing the Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Brazil.

Naturally Contiki are very excited at the prospect of what they describe as the future of travel, claiming that it is sure to hit airlines and accommodation providers. Donna Jeavons the sales and marketing director of Contiki explained that the company had been experimenting with the new technology for eighteen months, suggesting that it will allow travellers to get the “high” of seeing these new destinations without having to fork out a high price. She went on: “They don’t have to leave the country, don’t need to take weeks of leave and don’t have to save up for flights and accommodation.”

Currently the centres are located in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Dublin and Belfast and bookings can be made through the company’s microsite



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