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Visitors to Germany form the UK up to 5.5million in 2015

The German National Tourist Office (GNTO) believes that the campaign to emphasise the ‘Holidays in the Heart of Nature’ could be one of the reasons for the increase of visitors from the UK which is up by 7.4% on 2014. The trend appears to be continuing as new figures show that in January, overnight stays from the UK rose by 10.2% with 300,000 visitors.

Operators have been offering a wider choice of holidays to Germany, particularly what is perceived as the UK’s love of all things rural. Germany has 16 national parks along with more than 100 nature parks, plus 15 biosphere reserves all aimed at letting visitors and wildlife enthusiasts get close to nature. The country is also enthusiastic about cycling and it points to the 200 long distance cycle routes, which allows users to combine rural landscapes with urban discovery.

Klaus Lohmann, who is the GNTO UK and Ireland director said it was very evident that the popularity of television shows dedicated to rural affairs, along with the many specialist publications, that people in the UK along with Ireland have a great respect and deep seated love of rural life in just the same way as the Germans do.

With the campaign focussing on this aspect of visiting Germany, Klaus explained that: “Exploring rural and ‘green’ Germany will enable visitors to discover many fascinating regions and areas they may not previously have known, with picture-box villages, incredible landscapes and the chance to relax and get away from it all.”



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