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Greek air traffic controllers walk out disrupts flights

First we had the dispute concerning French air traffic controllers and now travellers are having their plans disrupted by a 24 hour walk out involving a general strike by public sector workers in protest against planned reforms in the social security and pension system.

This has resulted in flights to the Greek mainland, the Greek Islands as well as Cyprus being subject to cancellation. One carrier Ryanair said it had had to cancel 90 flights to and from Greece, EasyJet has also cancelled flights too. British Airways issued a warning that flights to and from Greece today will face “severe disruption” and have been forced to reduce their flight schedules.

EasyJet issued a statement saying that they were doing everything possible to minimise the impact of the strike on our customers, and have taken the decision to proactively cancel a number of flights, allowing customers to re-organise their journeys.

British Airways said to minimise the effects of the industrial action they would be using larger aircraft once the airspace is re-opened to help affected customers, they were doing all they could to reduce any disruption.

Greek carriers Aegean and Olympic have also had to reschedule flights including cancellations, only Larnaca in Cyprus appears to be unaffected by the dispute, including a service to London.



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