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Travel agents in the UK warned about fake US Dollars

News has been circulated amongst travel agents about a woman attempting to exchange phoney dollars for sterling; the police in the Cleveland area of the country have reported two cases when this happened. The area covered by the Cleveland police force includes Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Stockton-on-Tees and Redcar & Cleveland, and they reported that a woman entered an agency in Stockton on Tuesday March 1st with $2,000 and asked for it to be changed into sterling. On this occasion the agency refused and then the woman was reported to have gone to Darlington, where she was successful as they did carry out the exchange. (more…)

Flybe aims to attract families by cutting peak time fares

Ask any family looking at taking holidays in the school “out of term “periods and they will, almost without exception point to the huge hike in both airfares as well as holiday accommodation. Now as we all know, that there may be some unscrupulous people that may “jump on the bandwagon” and cash in on family’s plight, but in reality it really is down to supply and demand.

Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary supports the UK to stay in the EU

The battle between the two major budget airlines has seen an unlikely truce as Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary comes out firmly in the stay in Europe camp, agreeing with opposite number EasyJet chief, Dame Carolyn McCall who also claimed just a few days previously that a Brexit would see us return to the days when flying was ‘reserved for the elite’. She added that the era of cheap flights will come to an end and passenger safety will be put in jeopardy if Britain leaves the EU, a sentiment which was echoed by Peter Long, former boss of the Tui travel group that owns Thomson and First Choice. He went on to suggest that; “staying in the EU was essential to ‘protect the security of our holidaymakers”.

Increase in safe holiday destination bookings could cause an accommodation shortage

With booking to Turkey seeing a massive 75% drop on last year, rental home specialist Interhome is predicting that this year will see a severe shortage of accommodation in the destination that are deemed safe. Interhome has seen bookings to Egypt drop by 35% against last year, whilst bookings to Spain has increased 30% and Italy by 25%, long haul destinations Florida and the Caribbean are also performing very well a present.

Security experts brought in to ensure visitor security in Egypt

The problems that occurred after the bringing down of a Russian aircraft operated by budget carrier Metrojet, have had a devastating effect on the tourism industry to Egypt. The aircraft was leaving Sharm el- Sheikh returning to Russia when it was brought down, investigators believe a bomb was planted on the plane. This resulted in all carriers from the UK pulling out of flying to the Red Sea resort and until security at the airport was guaranteed to be improved they have said they will not return.

Best ever January reported by Hoseasons

Hoseasons has been established over 70 years and have been providing excellent holiday accommodation, particularly in the self-catering field. Boating holidays were a big part of their early successes and now they can boast over 20,000 places to stay situated, these are situated in coastal, city, countryside settings as well as boating both in Britain as well as Europe.

British families opting for safe holiday destinations

The number one priority for British Holiday makers this year is finding a safe destination when looking for somewhere to take their annual vacation. Global insecurity is on the rise and this has led to an increase in booking to record levels for what are seen as places that are safe, resulting in the western Mediterranean being the most popular choice.

Tube drivers’ union RMT to recommend a Night Tube Service

The London Underground Night Tube service was supposed to come on stream in September of last year, but agreement could not be reached between London Underground chiefs and the unions. The planned night service was due to take place, initially at least, on Fridays and Saturdays, on five lines, Jubilee, Victoria, Central, Northern and Piccadilly.

Warning of Zika Virus threat to Jamaica removed by Foreign Office

The Zika virus is a mosquito borne virus that in adults causes a mild illness, but in pregnant women the effect that it has on the unborn child can be that the child can be born with underdeveloped brains known as microcephaly. The spread of the virus is mainly confined to equatorial countries and in Brazil alone there have been 4,000 reported cases of babies suffering from microcephaly, since October.

Armed man prevented from entering Disneyland Paris

The police and security services are extremely vigilant in France, particularly Paris which has been the recipients of a number of terrorist attacks in recent times. This vigilance clearly paid off when an armed man was detected trying to carry weapons into one of the hotels close to the Disneyland theme park.

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