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Sochi and the Winter Olympics

Located on the Black Sea Coast and snuggled between Georgia/Abkhazia is a versatile Russian City. In the summer months it is a wonderful beach resort, reminiscent of the south of France in many ways with promenades lined with palm trees and yachts docked in the marinas. In winter Sochi is transformed into a winter wonderland. A fantastic winter sports destination, which is why it was chosen for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Where to go in 2014

If you’re looking for the hottest spots to go in 2014, cities which are buzzing and destinations that have it all, then check out our list of places to visit in 2014 that really need to be on your travel list. These places have it all going on this year, some are great emerging countries or some which may get looked over. So if you’re looking for an adventure make sure you visit some of these great places.

Is Thailand to introduce tourist tax?

There has been much talk recently regarding recovering medical bills from tourists who are treated here in the UK, but the problem seems to be affecting the increasingly popular venue of Thailand. It is currently free to enter to the country, but Thai authorities have said they are now considering introducing a fee of around £10 per head. Apparently many tourists are having medical treatment and leaving bills unpaid and this proposed tax is being introduced to pay for visitors’ unpaid medical bills and in the hope of attracting a better “quality” of holidaymaker, according to a spokesman acting on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Ministry of Public Health and the Royal Thai Police. A spokesman for the Tourism Authority of Thailand however, stressed that the proposed tax, which would apply to holidays lasting longer than three days, was just one of “several ideas” being considered. Thailand had around 22million tourists visit the country in 2012 and the number is expected to grow, the measures are being introduced in part to ensure that visitors are unable to outstay their visa. It is reported that about 100,000 foreigners are currently staying on in the country despite their visas having expired. Another measure that is being considered is that all tourists should have of compulsory travel insurance proposed to help resolve the problem of unpaid hospital bills. The proposed new tax could be introduced from January next year.

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