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Armed man prevented from entering Disneyland Paris

The police and security services are extremely vigilant in France, particularly Paris which has been the recipients of a number of terrorist attacks in recent times. This vigilance clearly paid off when an armed man was detected trying to carry weapons into one of the hotels close to the Disneyland theme park.

Should holidaymakers to Greece be worried about traveling to Greece?

The brinksmanship or to many the gamesmanship being shown at talks over Greek Debts and reforms has been dragging on for months with settlement seemingly no nearer. Unless settlement is agreed soon the chances of Greece exiting the Euro (Grexit) seem to be higher than ever. So if this were to happen how would this affect holidaymakers?

London is named world’s most popular travel destination

It will come as no surprise to many, particularly if they have tried to get accommodation at the last minute, but London is the most popular travel destination in the world, with 18.82 million overnight visitors. This is the fifth time in seven years that London has topped the list, but rather surprisingly New York has dropped out of the top five most visited cities, down to sixth place.

Interest in holidaying on Kos falls by over 50%

Could it be the news that migrants from the continent of Africa landing on Kos that has caused a drop in interest from British holiday makers? In the last two months over 6,000 have landed on the island arrived from war-torn countries including Syria and Afghanistan this year.

Four great things to see in Athens on a budget

Athens is a magnificent city and like many other places you do not have to spend a small fortune to enjoy the city. Many choose a small hotel at the cheaper end of the market and then prefer to enjoy high end cuisine, naturally this may mean having to compromise on sightseeing, but that does not mean missing out on the culture of the place.

Great value travel destinations to consider in 2015

It’s nearly a new year and what better way to celebrate it than by booking a holiday to somewhere you haven’t been before. There are lots of great value travel destinations out there if you know where to look, and here are our favourite places to give you some inspiration: (more…)

Lack of snow in the Alps is no reason to panic

France in particular has seen little snow at its major ski resorts and below 2,000 metres the runs are still green. The three valleys resorts of Courchevel, Méribel and Les Menuires have postponed their opening due to the lack of snow and the World Cup race which was due in Courcheval this weekend has been cancelled.

Mickey Mouse gets a bailout in Europe

Euro Disney on the outskirts of Paris has seen a steady decline in visitor numbers since its peak years following the opening in 1992. The news is that it is having to get a lifeline hand out from owner Walt Disney Company so that it can service its rising debts and decline in visitor numbers.

Tourists to Rome in for a financial shock

The finances of capital city Rome must be in pretty poor shape, but instead of asking the citizens of the “Eternal City” to stump up they are now loading it onto the tourists staying in the city’s hotels.

Europe’s Best Campsites

Last month we picked out a few great sites across the UK, but just over (or under) the water there is the whole expanse of Europe to choose from.

Europe is vast, but camping offers a great way to explore on a sensible budget, giving you a good chance of meeting new people along the way. If you’re travelling with children you can be sure that they’ll be off making friends before you have even considered who your neighbours might be.

The UK’s Best Campsites.

What makes a great campsite for you?

Camping has always been a varied pursuit, but today the gulf between the weekend camper and the serious walker/climber needing a shelter seems to have further widened.

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