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Health and travel: The EHIC.

Do you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)?

Do you even know what an EHIC is? 

If you don’t you are far from alone, it seems that the majority of travellers to Europe, and ex-pats too, are confused about what the card offers, and many people have no idea what it is.

5 Things to do over Easter in the UK

With the kids at home for the Easter holidays, you’re likely to find yourself swamped trying to find things to keep them occupied every day, especially when the Bank Holidays arrived and they’re high on all the chocolate. In the run up to the big day, there are plenty of things you can do, from melting down chocolate and making your own Easter Eggs as homemade gifts for friends and family, or painting your own egg shells if you’d prefer to keep them as far away from the chocolate for as long as possible, to going out for picnics in the sun or staying in if the weather turns and watching Easter themed DVDs. But if you want to make more of the long weekend when it rolls around, wherever you are in the UK there are events happening countrywide, and here are just a few you can take part in:

UK Features in the World’s Best Beach Guide

The beginning of the holiday season is signalled by the Trip Advisor Top 10’s, we have already looked at the Ten Best Hotels in The UK according to the review website plus, the TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Awards for Best B&B in which the UK did very well. And it seems the UK is rated well, when it comes to the best beaches.  There is of course stiff competition from around the world, from the likes of Mexico, Brazil and Australia, however, Rhossili Bay in the Gower beat them off and game in, in 9th position.

Day Return Flights to Europe Launched by BA

Looking for a city break holiday, but only have a day to spare? Not to worry, British Airways (BA) are launching ‘affordable day trip’ tickets to a number of European cities. Allowing travellers the opportunity to visit cities across Europe and come home again in a day. These tickets will be available on Saturdays and Sundays, also allowing one night in a city as well.

The Ten Best Hotels in the UK.

Wow! It’s a subjective subject, but an exciting one too. What people expect from the best hotels varies tremendously, and that’s what makes the high end hospitality business so interesting.

Our Top Ten here are all selected by Tripadvisor respondents, and so you know that they are giving their unbiased opinion on places that they have generally spent their own money on. That’s so much different to taking a journalist’s opinion!

Guidebook to Enjoy the Smells of York

Looking to sniff out a great city break, why not visit York and have a look at the new free guidebook entitled Smell York. This guidebook is the perfect way to explore the medieval city of York, not only is it packed full of useful information, but it also has plenty of pictures and features many local smells. That’s right, smells.

MPs debate over cost of term time holidays

It’s been a source of contention between parents, teachers and holiday firms for a long time: the increased cost for families of going away during the school holidays. Now MPs are finally becoming involved in the debate and suggesting the staggering of term dates for different schools and schools having more discretion on absences.

Increase in UK Ferry Passengers and Increase in Cruises seen in 2013

Figures suggest 2013 was the year that people took to the high seas in their droves as both the UK ferry industry and the cruise industry in general saw an increase in passengers. Here in the UK the ferry industry showed growth across all its travel sectors. Figures show that there was an increase of 2.6% up to 38million passengers for 2013. It also showed all cars carried up 1.1% to 8.37million, and coaches up overall 4.1% to 158,470.

Massive Tourism Push Planned for York

The historical city of York brings in a number of tourists a year, desperate to enjoy its fantastic history and interesting sites. However the city is now planning to bring in even more tourists with a massive investment plan, for the next ten years. The city is looking at creating a billion-pound tourism industry in the hope of gaining more tourists and encouraging those that visit to stay longer. They will be focusing on getting people to ‘spend four to five nights based in the city while they head out to explore the Yorkshire Dales and the Moors as well as York itself’ according to Kay Hyde, head of communications at Visit York.

UK Topping TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Awards for Best B&B

For travel agencies, airlines, hoteliers B&B and holiday cottage owners TripAdvisor can make or break your business. The online review services for many will mean whether someone books somewhere or not as people go of reviews and ratings before booking. TripAdvisor in the past have been known for not doing enough to remove unfair and untrue, malicious reviews, causing false negative ratings. However positive reviews can really bolster a business, especially when somewhere makes the TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Awards.

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