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Austria Ski

Is this the end of the Austrian ski holiday?

About half a million British skiers enjoy the slopes of Austria each year, famed for enjoyable skiing as well as the very tradition après ski. Sadly this could be coming to an end as Austria has decided to implement a law that ensures all employees must be paid a minimum wage of approximately 1,000 Euros a month, which relates to about £800.


A Croatian getaway – Dubrovnik

The beautiful, walled and fortified Town of Dubrovnik is well worth a visit on its own and is a great one stop city destination. More importantly it is the gateway to some fantastic Dalmatian coastline and the Balkan region. With visitors from the UK growing year upon year, it should not be too long before the numbers exceed those of 1990 before all the problems there arose.

Daniela Liverani

Beware the bloodsucking leeches next time you go abroad

We probably have all read about the unfortunate girl backpacker Daniela Liverani who discovered that she had a three inch leech growing inside her nose for a month, which had to be surgically removed. The unfortunate girl was completely unaware as to how the creature entered her nose in the first place, but she had been backpacking in Vietnam and could have caught it whilst swimming there.


Get those skis ready to go!

The sun may still be shining and the summer holidays over only a few weeks ago, but already travel agencies are taking bookings for the forthcoming winter ski season. Traditionally the British favour the Alpine resorts, but how about being slightly more adventurous this winter and flying out to Vancouver and taking in one of the world’s best ski experiences, Whistler?

Gran Canaria

A great November getaway

There are some wonderful winter sun spots, but many of them involve a long haul flight to the southern hemisphere, it can be well worth it of course, but if you have a limited holiday period and just want to get away for a week there are closer options. The Canaries has been a long-time favourite and is still a number one destination for many in the winter, the islands of Tenerife, Grand Canaria and Lanzarote, with a flight time in the region of about five hours, but how about Cyprus?


A classic way to holiday – Butlins

Going to Butlins holiday camp was a way of life to many people, before and immediately after the Second World War, it was the very first of the all in holidays where everything was paid for in the price of the holiday. This included all your food, three meals a day, free entertainment and the kids looked after when you went to a show in the evening.


What do you do with your left over currency?

So what do you do when you arrive at the airport at the end of your holiday and you find that you have some of the local currency left in your wallet or purse? Do you go on a bit of a spending spree and use it all or as much of it as possible, buying the odd coffee, pack of sweets or drink so that you use it all up, or do you simply take it home with you?

Building the Mariachi's Tower

Wilderness 2014 – The Festival for grown ups of all ages!

Food from London restaurant names such as Moro, St John, Polpo, Hix and Cartmel’s Simon Rogan. Intellectual stimulation from Gregory Sams, George Monbiot, Irvine Walsh, Edward De Bono’s School of Life. A lakeside spa. Forrest adventures with expert foragers. Music from a hundred bands you’ve never heard of but who you’ll look for as soon as you get home.

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