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Our top five European City breaks for 2015

With so much culture just on our doorstep in Europe and with travel to the continent becoming almost as easy as commuting to work, a whole new world is waiting a few short hours away. Picking just five from the many proved to be a difficult task, but here are our suggestions for a city break this year. (more…)

Taj Mahal

New Indian visa rules require British tourists to provide fingerprints

Tour operators in this country are concerned that India has tightened up rules governing the granting if a visa to visit the country, British visitors will now have to give fingerprints at one of 14 centres around the country. To many this has come as a complete surprise as India had simplified its visa process for tourists from other countries, which included Australia, Germany, Finland, Japan and New Zealand, they are allowed to get a visa on arrival.


Five British museums to visit with the kids

There is one thing that we in the UK can be rightly proud of and that is we have some of the very best museums in the world. With half term upon us and the Easter and summer breaks not all that far away, a museum is a great place to entertain kids at these times, whether your kids are into trains, football, art or history, there will be a museum suitable, many with interactive exhibits. (more…)

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Five top travel destinations for 2015

Trying to pick just five top places to see during 2015 is nearly an impossible task with so many must see destinations. However, we are putting forward our five choices, two long hauls and three European.

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Unforgettably romantic UK breaks

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, what could be more romantic than choosing a break in one of the UK’s romantic places and there are plenty of those from which to choose. Whether it is a quaint country village, one of the many historic attractions, or the hills and walking trails which abound.

Glenshee Ski Resort

Scotland’s ski slopes mobbed over the weekend

Following on from a huge dump of snow and freezing temperatures, conditions in the Scottish ski resorts were great and as a result some of the resorts were inundated with skiers, particularly Glencoe, where police had to be called as motorists had blocked the main A82 road between Fort William and Glasgow.

Road Trip

Blue Monday is approaching – time to book your holiday!

It is referred to as “blue Monday” January 26th which is the day which it is said is the most miserable of the year! Well that surely has to be the day that we should get out those brochures, or get online and book ourselves a nice holiday for the summer months.

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Back to work, let’s book a holiday!

With the extended break over Christmas this year, it was back to work for many people of Monday the 5th January, or as it has been dubbed “miserable Monday”. So what do many people do when they get the opportunity at their desks over the lunch period, why book a holiday of course.


Great value travel destinations to consider in 2015

It’s nearly a new year and what better way to celebrate it than by booking a holiday to somewhere you haven’t been before. There are lots of great value travel destinations out there if you know where to look, and here are our favourite places to give you some inspiration: (more…)


Magaluf to re-invent itself

To many people it has come too late for popular resort Magaluf in Mallorca to try to shake off the image of being a boozy haunt for British holidaymakers, but that is what it is determined to do.

The resort is absolutely fed up with holidaymakers not confined to Britain, but other countries too that have earned the resort the nick name of “Shagaluf”. The people responsible for making laws are determined to ban pub crawls and drinking in the street claiming that it does absolutely nothing for the municipality. Pat of their plan is to fly in British police who will patrol the tourist strip of Punta Bellena, hoping to get rid, once and for all, its somewhat unsavoury image. (more…)

Austria Ski

Is this the end of the Austrian ski holiday?

About half a million British skiers enjoy the slopes of Austria each year, famed for enjoyable skiing as well as the very tradition après ski. Sadly this could be coming to an end as Austria has decided to implement a law that ensures all employees must be paid a minimum wage of approximately 1,000 Euros a month, which relates to about £800.

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