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Five different places for a spring break

The world is getting smaller, of that there is no doubt and with air travel no longer the provenance of the rich and privileged, seeking new destinations to spend some leisure time has become so much easier.

Commercial U.S. to Cuba flights agreed

The icy relationship that has existed between Cuba and the United States since Fidel Castro overthrew the incumbent leader Fulgencio Batista in 1959, which resulted in an eventual breaking off of relations between the two countries in late 1961. However, over the last few years, seen by many as a positive initiative by President Obama, there has been a gradual thaw and the latest evidence of this is the announcement by the United States and Cuba to restore regular commercial flights. The agreement follows on since President Barack Obama and President Raul Castro announced a historic détente, this allowed, amongst other things, for US airlines to negotiate with the Cuban government over commercial flight routes and schedules. We are not aware when the first flights will take place, but the deal certainly paves the way for thousands of visitors to the island on a daily basis. (more…)

Out of the ordinary Christmas gifts

It’s fast approaching Christmas, but if like me you struggle to think of gifts for your loved ones then experience day website Into the Blue may have the answer. With over 1,000 experiences to choose from including a range of driving, flying and outdoor activities, there is bound to be something for everyone.

U.S. to Cuba travel expands ahead of expected lifting of travel embargo

Flying into the Communist governed Island of Cuba ceased as long ago as 1962 when a trade embargo was implemented by the U.S. government and a long cold war has existed since that time. However, relations between the countries have thawed, particularly since travel to the Island was relaxed by President Obama to allow certain American citizens and Cuban Americans to go on specially sanctioned travel.

Drunk and obnoxious airplane passengers are considered the worst by travellers

We’re heading into the peak holiday season here in the UK, and for many it can be a stressful experience which can be made worst by other peoples actions. An online voucher code website has done some research to find out the most frustrating behaviours airplane passengers do and have created a hand aircraft etiquette infographic of what not to do.

Five really enchanting gardens to visit this summer

It has to be said that few if any countries can boast as many superb gardens as here on Britain, The list is long, but we have chosen just five which we believe you will enjoy and we have not chosen the most famous, in this way you will not be troubled with hordes of people. (more…)

Holiday firm offers family friendly holiday homes and apartments for young families

Taking a baby or toddler on holiday can be very stressful for parents’ and the things that concern them the most are that their child won’t be able to sleep in a strange cot with a room that is too bright, or having to share the room with them. Flying with tiny children can also present problems with airlines constraint on luggage, constant flight delays and long queues, so what are the alternatives?

Peace of mind on the beach with a waterproof ‘Swymbag’

It has always been an age old problem, what to do with your valuables if you want to go swimming when on the beach. However two entrepreneurs’ friends Emily Gayton and Kristina Oliver have come up with a solution if the form of a waterproof bag that can be worn whilst swimming which they have called the “Swymbag”.

Foods to avoid when abroad this summer

We are not in any way suggesting that certain foods at our favourite holiday destinations are not safe, it is just that the locals can eat them happily, but they may have certain bacteria that’s unknown to our bodies. So we suggest that when you jet away, err on the side of caution and avoid certain foods.

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