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Ten top tips on how to save money and still travel in style

It’s nearly June and if you have not already done so it is time to start shopping around for all your holiday essentials, from bikinis to flights. Looking at the holiday booking site Skyscanner we have seen some valuable and interesting tips for travelling on a budget, including paying less to eat locally and seeing sights for free.

5 places to take the kids this summer

The summer holidays are fast approaching and parents all over the land are wondering what they can do to keep their kids entertained. Luckily, we have come up with some exciting family days out that won’t break the bank. Whether your children are in to history, exhilarating rides or learning there is something for everyone. Check out our picks below: (more…)

World’s biggest underground zipline opens in Wales

The Llechwedd slate cavers are an attraction in themselves, but visitors are likely to come flocking to tem now that a series of lines take participants on an aerial adventure through five caverns, some of the caves are huge enough to take 75 double decker buses comfortably, if they could be got into them of course.

Top five beaches to visit in Crete

Crete is a truly beautiful island, to many it is the best of all the Greek Islands and here you can still see the remnants of brilliant civilizations, impressive mountains, fertile valleys which have supplied much of the produce that is part of the gastronomic culture of Crete.

Family car travel tips

We feel sure that anyone who has travelled with a family by car on a long trip can tell some tales. Many would be hilarious; other no doubt would describe the stresses and strains of children just becoming fretful after a few miles. Who has not heard the plaintiff cries from the rear seat of “are we there yet dad?” A good way around this, if the kids are old enough is to let them have a map and see the places they are passing through.

A guide to packing for your holiday

If you are planning to travel over the next few months, you will, we imagine, be taking a suitcase, that includes the increasing numbers that take hand luggage only. Now of course if you are venturing into a naturalist retreat, you may not be packing a lot of clothing, but as most people are not, we share with you some tips about the best way to pack a suitcase like a pro does.

Four great things to see in Athens on a budget

Athens is a magnificent city and like many other places you do not have to spend a small fortune to enjoy the city. Many choose a small hotel at the cheaper end of the market and then prefer to enjoy high end cuisine, naturally this may mean having to compromise on sightseeing, but that does not mean missing out on the culture of the place.

Family attractions for the Easter holidays 2015

Two things stand out in this country of ours, we have to help to keep our children happy and occupied during the school holidays and we are lucky in this country that we have an abundance from which to choose. Naturally a lot depends on which part of the Island you live in or which part you may decide to go away to, but there is sure to be something. There are so many we thought that we would just list five of the very many and these are chosen across a broad age range. (more…)

Some very timely advice about passport renewals

With ever the ever increasing threats from bombers and terrorists, particularly since the events at the World Trade complex in New York on September 11, 2001, security in all countries has been tightened up. At one time if your passport had expired all you had to do was to go to the Post Office and use a visitor passport which was valid for many countries particularly European resorts.

Our top five European City breaks for 2015

With so much culture just on our doorstep in Europe and with travel to the continent becoming almost as easy as commuting to work, a whole new world is waiting a few short hours away. Picking just five from the many proved to be a difficult task, but here are our suggestions for a city break this year. (more…)

New Indian visa rules require British tourists to provide fingerprints

Tour operators in this country are concerned that India has tightened up rules governing the granting if a visa to visit the country, British visitors will now have to give fingerprints at one of 14 centres around the country. To many this has come as a complete surprise as India had simplified its visa process for tourists from other countries, which included Australia, Germany, Finland, Japan and New Zealand, they are allowed to get a visa on arrival.

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