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Warning of Zika Virus threat to Jamaica removed by Foreign Office

The Zika virus is a mosquito borne virus that in adults causes a mild illness, but in pregnant women the effect that it has on the unborn child can be that the child can be born with underdeveloped brains known as microcephaly. The spread of the virus is mainly confined to equatorial countries and in Brazil alone there have been 4,000 reported cases of babies suffering from microcephaly, since October.

When the Foreign and Commonwealth Office announced on Saturday, that a case had been confirmed, this naturally raised concerns for both the residents of the island as well as the tourism industry, upon which Jamaica relies for a proportion of its income. Thankfully the FCO has removed the warning only a few days after it was issued and they have given no reasons why it has been removed from its travel advice to the country. (more…)

Armed man prevented from entering Disneyland Paris

The police and security services are extremely vigilant in France, particularly Paris which has been the recipients of a number of terrorist attacks in recent times. This vigilance clearly paid off when an armed man was detected trying to carry weapons into one of the hotels close to the Disneyland theme park.

EasyJet continues Sharm el Sheikh Suspension

The troubles for Egyptian holiday resort Sharm el Sheikh continues as budget carrier Easy Jet has extended the suspension period on flights to the Red Sea resort until the end of May, which means that they will not have flown there for six months.

British travellers warned against visiting Burkina Faso

The land locked West African country of Burkina Faso, a name which translates into “land of honest men” has not lived up to its name as a group calling itself Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) claimed responsibility for an attack on a luxury hotel which killed 28 people and left 56 injured.

As Sunshine Saturday approaches Spain tops the list of Holiday destinations for 2016

For those in the travel industry, tomorrow the 9th of January is known as ‘Sunshine Saturday’, the busiest day of the year for holiday companies. It’s the day most people in the UK look to book their summer holiday, hoping to beat the winter blues and have something to look forward to. According to research by a voucher code website the most popular destination for Brits this year is Spain with plenty of great deals available.

British Airways forced to abandon biofuels project

It was an ambitious plan which British Airways committed to, along with American partner Solena, to create biofuels from 575,000 tonnes of London’s waste annually. The project which was planned to use the redundant Thurrock refinery would have had a huge impact and was dubbed The Green Sky project, not without good reason as the fuel that it created would have shown massive savings in carbon.

Germans enjoy their holidays more than the British

Most people realise that the German Nation does not like to do things by halves and it seems that it is the same when it comes to enjoying their holidays. Most of us will have relished in the tales of the Germans rushing down to the sunbeds at the crack of dawn to claim use of it with a towel, but it appears that this is no longer the case, if it ever was!

Over 13 million Brits are planning a holiday here this Christmas

It is not unusual to hear of British holidaymakers planning to travel to warmer places during the Christmas and New Year period, but a recent survey that has been conducted by VisitEngland has concluded that 27% of the population, which equates to around 13.5 million adults are making arrangement to have a night away in the UK whilst 24%, or 12 million, are planning to holiday here in England over the festive season. Naturally this will get the tills ringing and help with the economy as an estimated £2.5 billion will result from these activities. (more…)

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